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02-14-2013, 09:24 AM
Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
It has never been proven that Accuracy does anything for Procs at all, until proven otherwise I think most ppl will agree with me that Proc's are still weapon cycle based, not shot based. This goes for SNB doffs, Kinetic Cutter 2.5% proc, Reputation system procs, Weapon Procs, etc.

At least, last time my Acc x3 weaps didn't trigger more 2.5% procs than when I would use my [CrtD]x3 weapons on a steadily moving test subject moving with the exact same bonus defense.

The best thing I could think of is that the first shot of a weapon cycle actually decides whether a proc could occur depending if the first shot in the volley is a hit or a miss, but I strongly doubt even that theory.

But be my guest and prove me wrong.
Bort had mentioned recently a desire to improve what the log shows...until then, what could even be used for the test? I've always assumed the proc worked off the first shot - much like the chain crit does. It checks on that first shot.

Would be nifty if Bort could just pop in and say one way or the other, eh?

Hrmm, for that test though - something like this:

Escort A following Escort B around.

Escort A having the Kinetic Proc and testing with the following weapons:
DC w/ no ACC
DC w/ ACCx3
DHC w/ no ACC
DHC w/ ACCx3

With the different shots per cycle and the difference in ACC for the To-Hit - one should be able to muddle through the raw log to see where the 751.4's landed in the firing cycles.

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