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I always hated these arguments. I am a science captain who flies cruisers exclusive. I have built my cruisers with BOFF abilities and consoles to a DPS/tank role. Another important aspect to this is my captains skill tree build. I run a lot of elite STF's and have never once heard a complaint about the performance or viability of my ship during a match. I have noticed however a lot of cruiser hate in chat. 'If you bring a cruiser to a STF, you are dragging down your team!' 'Why would you build a cruiser tank? That's just silly, you don't need tanks in this game, escorts can tank and DPS better, be a healer!'
For one, skilled cruiser pilots who have taken time to build their cruiser to maximize it's properties and squeeze as much DPS as possible out of it can be a more than valid addition to any STF team. Second, I find it irritating, presumptuous and egotistical to impose 'your idea' of how a game should be played on someone else. 'Tacscort or GTFO' of STF's? I don't think so. I've been part of groups that have had one of every type of ship running STF's and we do just as well as a full team of escorts. And instead of hateful vitriol of 'why are you flying THAT!?' I hear rounds of 'good job everyone!' 'Nice build, what are you running on that thing?' If every STF consisted of nothing but pure DPS Escorts, it would be boring and become stagnant quickly. PvE in this game is really rather easy anyway, and the elitist attitude I see displayed on occasion baffles me.
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02-14-2013, 11:19 AM
The best suggestion to improve Cruisers is to have people build/spec/gear/play them better.
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