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12-07-2012, 04:53 AM
I've never seen the Gateway. Since the launch I keep seeing this message:


Gateway is currently under maintenance. Please try again later.

I've been following this topic for some time now and I wonder if we can get any feedback on this.
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12-07-2012, 06:29 PM
The STO Gateway only works on Tribble test server accounts. If you don't have a characteron Tribble,you will see the maintinance error message.

Why they can't just update the error message to tell folks this escapes me.
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12-10-2012, 03:33 AM
I've transfered three of my toons to tribble. So that's not the problem I'm having.
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12-24-2012, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by speedofheat View Post
Windows 8 - RTM -IE10

Desktop Browser requires compatibility mode to be switched on to display the logon screen

then hangs at the logon screen indefinitely
Having same issue on both Dell Laptop running Win 8 64-bit, IE10 in compatibility mode (with gatewaytest as a Trusted Site w/ Low security) as well as on shiny new Surface RT also running browser in compatibility mode. Been searching forums for IE settings that work... especially settings for IE10!
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02-14-2013, 01:43 PM
As we've updated the known issues and some information in the OP, please now use this thread (http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=511891) to continue posting about any bugs of technical difficulties with the Gateway. Thanks!


Brandon =/\=
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