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02-14-2013, 08:11 PM
Here is a suggestion to resolve two issues. I myself have completed the Reputation system and purchased all the gear I intend to. So I no longer farm Epoh's I no longer do the Tau Dewa dailies, I no longer need to do STF's beacuse I have no need for Omega or Romulan marks anymore. So the New Romulas planet has no reason for me to go there anymore at all except to use the store at our Embassy, But now I need FM, My starbase has every project that is queud up finished except for FM, on every project that is all we are waiting on. So do a 1:1 conversion of RM and OM to FM. Then i'm back farming Epohs and doing the Tau Dewa patorls and doing STF's again.
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02-14-2013, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by omnimagus View Post
I have a challenge for you Dan. For the next week, using the fleet events, try to get 900 fleet marks. I did it last week. Just go for it. Walk in our shoes for the ten days and see what it's like. See what it makes you think of this game. See how much fun it really is. Then come back and lets have a conversation about fleet marks and internal metrics, ok?.
To add to that challenge, factor in working 8 to 12 hours a day and having maybe a 2 to 3 hour window to play STO (factoring in taking breaks to do minor chores, walk the dog, care for children, eat dinner etc.)

Originally Posted by omnimagus View Post
I love Star Trek, Dan. I love Space Combat. I love this game you've created. For the last year this has been the only video game I've played, and I've financially supported. It's the only game I want to play. And yet as we speak I'm in the process of downloading The Old Republic and LOTR online. Because I'm tired of the grind, and increasing it for less rewards is not viable for me or my fleetmates. I'm logging into turn in my dilithium now, and that's it, and that's out of the optimistic hope that you're going to fix this problem soon.
That perfectly echoes the attitudes of many here. I'd never thought I'd consider going back to SWTOR. I might have to return to Mech Warrior Online as well (had to give that up to invest more time into STO).

Originally Posted by omnimagus View Post
The problems with all those numbers and metrics is they don't predict the future,Dan. If you looked at those metrics last week, when I was merrily grinding day and night, they wouldn't have told you that I'd be downloading your competitors product today and not playing yours, would they?
That's the problem with metrics; the system often ignores the "eye test" and just plain common sense.

Originally Posted by omnimagus View Post
As a businessman, I would advise you in the strongest possible terms to listen to your customers first and foremost, and your numbers second. Things can change too quickly for your charts and graphs to reflect.

Thanks for your time.
To that I will say listen to customers within reason. Something like player choice and options is within reason however. All about choice; you don't want pickles on your burger, no problem.

EVERYONE is now being forced to eat a pickel sandwich with very limited amounts of beef, and because some number on some graph in some system that is not open to public review says so.
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My suggestion:

Fleet marks should be kinda dynamic in nature where any mission can earn them. The only thing required to enable earning them is to do any mission with someone from your fleet in your team. The more fleet members in your team perhaps the more the FM rewarded at the end. Longer the mission, the more the reward too.

No fleety in team, no FMs.

THAT would encourage fleet play. And would work anywhere a mission can be played by 2 or more players together. Would allow fleets to play content they want/like whilst helping the fleet out with marks.

My fleet loves STFs and team up nightly to play it together. Yet as much as I like them I also hate it because they do not reward FMs at all or the fact that our fleet plays them together.

Azure Nebula is another often played one but the 8FM or something reward is just not worth it.

My suggestion would also enable PvP to generate FM's too. Even featured episodes etc.
FMs currently are only rewarded in specific events that need to be repeated over and over. With my suggestion fleets can play a very broad range of content, preventing them getting bored and enable proper fleet play.
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02-14-2013, 08:13 PM
There will be hell to pay, like the last time there was hell to pay....this time we mean it really...we do i am serious...Cryptic stop laughing i mean it...I'm walking out...I'll do it.....I'm not playing...this is me walking out...there is the door....this is me walking out.....

I'm going to the store want anything.

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02-14-2013, 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by olivia211 View Post
It's this kind of thing that makes us all very untrusting of you (Cryptic). If I said something like this to one of my contract clients, I'd be out of a job. They'd move along to someone who would be more forthcoming and honest with them.

Fact is Dan you've pulled the rug out from under us time and time again and like a loyal dog, we keep coming back. Like a woman in love with her cheating husband, you can't just keep doing this sort of thing to us because we will eventually go off and be with someone else.

This whole thing of "We can't talk about it" is so foreign to me. A competitor of yours never hid things like this from us. They were always straight forward and if something fell through, they let us know and why.

Seriously, is this the way it's always going to be? Please, give me an honest answer. Are you all always going to treat us this way? Keeping us in the dark and coming through on maybe half your promises? And don't say you keep them because after 3 years, KDF is still a joke and you know it.
Maybe it would help if people stopped treating everything Cryptic said as 'We promise this', and instead treated it like the 'We'd LIKE to have this here by now' it actually is

Cryptic is a business, and things change in schedules, or get held back. Therefore holding them to promises only sets you up for the expected happiness, or bitter disappointment. The other way, you either continue as normal, or get a happy surprise.

I understood this from Day 1, or should I say Open Beta I hope others do too
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02-14-2013, 08:14 PM
Now if you start scaling FM requirements for fleet just wait until you see fleet implode because fleet leader start kicking out who they feel are inactive players so they can reach a absurd goal. This is a scary road to go down!!!

Currently we have to grind rep marks, fleet marks and Dilithium to very high levels and the only one we can't get within reason is fleet marks. All of this grinding takes lots and lots of time so we need to stock on my soda and chips and forget about the outside world.

The system cryptic has now for fleet marks is bad and dependent on other players and not your own efforts. It would be nice to say that you could always get other reliable players or fleet members but that is not always the case and you use up with a failed event.

I love in star base defense when we get some lower level captains that can't do anything vs the siege invaders but try and stay alive but can't really help sadly. Also that is not that players fault for trying desperately to grind out FM.

How about the AKFers

Also all the missions even during the rep events don't give us nearly the amount of marks as it should. A good run for a fleet mark rep event should hit you 100 marks not 22.

YAY to star base missions/projects needing 12k marks or 48k for tier 5 sad face that is not going to happen for small fleets.

Let people in the same fleet join up and set any "official" cryptic mission to a fleet mission that gives marks.

We can even go wild and add fleet marks as a option to all mission replay rewards as a selectable option beside the crummy loot.

PS: Maybe create a fleet alliance system so a fed/KDF fleet can share contributing to each others projects and it might even create more people playing both factions.

Sorry I'm really not happy about this and if the scaling system comes in and depending on what the details are I fear for some fleets and the player base. Just give us better ways of getting marks or people will start to find other games to take up there extra time if we keep pushing the heavy grind side of the game.
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02-14-2013, 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by lirdek View Post
you can come stf with me on my beloved fps game q3 arena... oops did i just make an ad... naaa the game is free license now
Bah, with all you guys gone I might as well call it quits too. Only reason I played was to have fun with you lot in STF's and No-Win and stuff...I hate season 7 and all it caused Pretty much 1/3 of my friends quit altogether, another 1/3 logs on every now and then to see if the game became fun again (It hasn't) and then there's the 1/3 that are online but went into sweatshop mode and grind so hard it hurts even to look at them.

Whatever, I give up. Resistance is futile, all you fun will be assimilated.
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02-14-2013, 08:15 PM
Why am I not getting Dil rewards for doing my own missions? Everyone playing my missions One and Done Fed and One and Done KDF are gettign 750+ Dil but I get nothing. I understand not letting an author's time played count in setting the average, but taking my reward away is enough to make me stop playing and never even think about Neverwinter again. I really hope this is a bug. Can someone please speak to this?
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02-14-2013, 08:16 PM
So why did the STO's facebook page post the link to this post then turn around and remove it?
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Problem here, Dan, contrary to your "naysayers" snippet is that I'm seeing a lot of feedback that suggests that your "improvements" are hardly that. And this is just a fraction of the ire that you're drawing. Checked ESD/KA zone chat lately?

Shiny 3-year anniversary ships and new lockboxes don't distract from the fact that this game is in a very, very delicate state currently. The switch over from paid subs to free to play is a very sensitive time, and there's a potential that your somewhat flippant, "if you don't like it sorry about ya" responses are going to further alienate users that are already at the very least disgruntled and at the very most disgusted with this current system.

Staggering the rewards makes sense, I get that. No need to have them too easy to get. But making it so that small, cohesive fleets have to "merge" with bigger, less personal fleets is simply not a solution. That's just an easy out that requires no real effort on your (the dev's) part.

This game has become grind heavy with high time versus low reward scenarios, which is part of problem. There is no reason I should have to grind so hard for fleet marks AND spend a good chunk of di/ECs to get the other required items for the advancement system. It's an upside down pyramid that's only going to force out players, not attract them.
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