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02-14-2013, 07:18 PM
Originally Posted by hypl View Post
You had better approach this build-up for May very carefully. I can guarantee that if Cryptic doesn't deliver...whatever the heck you're delivering in May, people are just not gonna put up with it anymore.
Which is why I view both Cryptic and STO through the eyes of a skeptical cynic. I've heard promises left and right these past years. I've had my hopes trashed repeatedly, i've been disappointed more often than I can count. So rather than seeing the game through rose-tinted glasses, I see it as always being the potential to "crash and burn". That way, I can be happily surprised when/if Cryptic finally comes through for all of us.

Some people may say, "Well if you don't like it, quit." And yes, it would be a simple matter to walk away, since I no longer spend any of my hard-earned cash on this game. As a Star Trek fan, I WANT it to succeed, and be a pleasant gaming experience for ALL involved.

I am both skeptical about the May update, and hopeful about it. But I try my hardest not to get my hopes up too high, since I have this nagging feeling, i'll just end up disappointed yet again.

All these hints from Mr Stahl on things coming in May, and as always he's "not at liberty to say". Those are more like the words from a small child simply saying;

"Nah-nah... I know something you don't, and i'm not gonna tell you. Haha!!"

I understand you can't reveal -everything-, but using the same statements repeatedly, makes it look worse. One wonders, what are you hiding from us? If it's something we should be happy about, one would think you could be anxious to reveal atleast -some- of the information, as it becomes "set in stone".

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