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02-14-2013, 07:44 PM
Wow this is a blank check. I have read many posts, but likely missed these things on others' lists.

My main desire is to increase the relevance of the cruiser and science. I have one of each branch in both factions and I cannot get over how much faster the "money maker" pve missions are with an escort. I understand there are different roles, but the sci and eng roles are too marginalized in most content for dilithium and marks.

I have 1 wish at each level short, mid and long

Short term
Make science ships scanning go much faster than cruisers and cruisers scanning faster than escorts. Similarly make satellite heals and such faster on the cruiser, second fastest on the science and slowest with the escort. This creates flexibility in mission design where a science ship can get things done before reinforcements arrive, while the tac will have to face down the incoming waves because they are not as efficient scanning or repairing. I am thinking specifically of Azure Nebula and Gorn minefield. The science ship would lower the tractors in Azure much faster than the escort, and might be able to get them down between enemy volleys which makes up for the massive disparity in effectiveness of the dps dealers. Cruisers would be slightly faster or have a higher resistance to take fire and not "break their concentration" on lowering the tractors with incoming fire. This optimizes each ship's role.

Mid Term
Fix balance for PvP and PvE in one shot. Create a separate skill tree for pvp and pve, also have a "A" and "B" load out for the ship. for PvP and Pve. This would allow us to not have to swap out things based on the drastically different game play and yet allow the programers to have powers work as intended in pvp, yet that is different in the other by nerfing or buffing each.

Long Term

While I would have liked the space battles to feel more like the shows/movie where you watch your hull bleed down slower and caveat that with the fact that if your ship actually gets destroyed you lose everything on it. (this would mean there would be more tactical withdraws and disables that were more common in startrek shows) I think that it would be best if there were more injuries taken to the ship before it was actually destroyed that took time to heal, not just the repair kit and a mouse click. THis would give the sci and eng more options in combat other than just causing massive DPS like the tac escourt in pvp.
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02-14-2013, 10:29 PM
Short -Term

Cycle through the old Limited of time offers for Fleet Special Projects so that new fleets and small fleets that couldn't afford them have the chance to build them. Alternatively turn them into Tier V Specisl Projects.


Well I'd like to see the Fleet Starbases completed. Tier V still looks like it's missing some things, like they're supposed to look like Starbase 39 on the outside and the interior is supposed to have a window and something in the middle of the main floor. I don't know how it is for the KDF but there appears that there's supposed to be more content.

New Story Missions, it feels like some of the arcs have been left open ended on purpose and I'd like some closure. Not too mention that it seems like there are plans to bring in Nicole De'Boer and a few other characters from the series, if not maybe a few characters modelled after them.

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02-15-2013, 09:07 AM
Short Term.

Better Bridges (excelsior, motion picture, constellation bridges etc)

bridge needs to be more interactive. for example able to plot and engage a course from the helm and able to travel to different sectors and systems whilst sat on the bridge

option to customize a ship at a price, for example to increase the rank of the console slot from Lt to Lt cmdr to better fit that persons spec.

Better graphics such as battle damage. also maybe an option to pay to have the battle damage on (scorching etc) repaired or an option to keep it and repair it at a later date.

Medium term.
Devs need to listen to players more seen as we are the ones spending the money on the game by buying stuff.

making the game more consistent with the star trek universe.

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# 3584 New FX
02-15-2013, 12:20 PM
How about a new FX for the poloron beam weps like the antiproton beam weps. A straight beam FX instead of the current squiggly one.
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02-15-2013, 12:57 PM
I noticed today that follow ways taken away.
Now used follow all the time
and I use target forwarding.

I have been playing with 4 Life time accounts since the beginning.

SHort Time:

Put Follow and target of my target back in.

Long term:

I like to see the captain skills back the way they were in the beginning.
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02-15-2013, 01:21 PM
Ok. For what it's worth:

Top 3 short term requests:

1) Adjust the fleet base system resource drops so that these huge, dedicated group projects can be advanced by the players doing the things they enjoy doing, not the things that Cryptic feels that they should do. Engaging in PvP combat, running Cryptic's missions, PvE events, STFs, running random patrols in space, and foundry missions should all be viable ways of obtaining the things that fleet base construction requires. Arbitrarily funneling player time into tedious, boring, repetitive tasks will quickly make a game feel stale. Opening up the avenues by which a fleet can advance itself will help things feel fresher longer as players can switch between play styles.

2) Improve the utility of beam-based weapons. They do not necessarily need to do more DPS, but making them more accurate or more likely to generate procs can increase their effectiveness without stealing the cannon's thunder.

3) Rebalance the high end Galaxy variants. Added survivability is nice, but the game's mechanics do not seem to provide Galaxy captains a way of capitalizing on it. Anemic DPS and iffy engineering consoles makes it harder for the ship to draw aggro.

3 mid term requests:

1) Open up the Fleet Starbase system some. Let fleets be able to exchange resources for temporary access to each other's vendor loadouts and ship yards. This makes smaller fleets less onerous to run as one doesn't necessarily need to spend months and years of additional grinding in order to obtain high end gear. This also lets larger fleets have a way of generating more income. It also gives fleets an impetus to grow as obtaining the next tier of weapons or ships means they can rent out those things for additional resources.

2) Add fleet story missions. Create a chain of missions similar to what you would get playing the single-player episodic content that can only be run by 3 or 5 members of the same fleet. The missions would award some interesting reward for completing the chain as well as typical fleet resources. It gives fleets an additional avenue to advance themselves as well as providing a change of pace for folks already burned out by existing content.

3) Give us non-humanoid character builder stuff. The character generator is great, but it would be nice to be able to play as or make a character that isn't, essentially, a human with odd proportions and a funny head. It's mostly flavor stuff, admittedly, but it would be fun.

3 long term requests:

1) Asset scaling. I know it will require a lot of work, but maybe making building that don't look like they were built for giants from some bygone era or bridges smaller than football fields would be nice.

2) More factions to play as. The Romulan/Remans are well-developed enough to warrant their own mini-faction at least. The First Federation could also be introduced, giving players a new set of races to try out and some interesting ships of their own.

3) Revised ship classes. The current setup was fine when the game started, but as more ships have been added, it seems that revising ship roles some and adding, perhaps, a new ship class or two could add some more variety to the game. We could standardize carriers and add pet-boosting abilities to Tac BOffs (or make new "Wing Commander" BOffs and stations). We could also split cruisers into Command Cruisers with several built in always-on team buffs to choose from and Heavy Cruisers with bonuses to hulls and shields and ways to spike aggro without needing to generate DPS. Stuff like that.

So, there ya go!
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02-15-2013, 04:52 PM
Short Term:
  • Finished Klingon PVE Content
  • Re-buffed offensive Science BOFF powers
  • Separate walk animations from stances
  • Matte selection for tailor and general seam improvements

Mid Term:
  • Complete, INDEPENDENT, Romulan Faction (Romulans, Remans, and Hirogen... oh my)
  • Customizable ship interiors, TOS Movie Bridges, Wrath of Khan uniform update (pip-striping for admirals and rank insignia for all other officers)
  • More Off-Duty attire, especially for social zones (something(s) appropriate for Risa and Andoria)
  • Larger control of Enemy NPC spawning in Foundary Missions to add depth and appropriate level of challenge intended

Long Term:
  • Complete, independent, True Way Faction (Dominion, Cardassian, et al)
  • Rank restructure (being an admiral must make sense or not exist)
  • More purpose for ship interiors
  • Ship balance achieved
  • Complex trigger system and mechanics available for Foundary to make puzzles and failure possible

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02-17-2013, 01:47 PM
Sorry for the following wordiness, but here are some various issues that we have run into as a Fleet that we would like to see addressed, and brevity would lose something:

Short Term
Fleet News:
As it currently operates, the Fleet News feature is close to useless. It queues useless highlights, such as what boff has been promoted. Mind you, not even which fleet member promoted it or what it was promoted to, but only that a boff somewhere was promoted and so many times that useful info is pushed off the queue. Useful Fleet News to list would include what Fleet member queued what Fleet Project, or created what Fleet Event, etc. - basically, something pertinent to Fleet activities.

Additionally, having more than one page of News items would be useful if the queue gets too long. Or allowing high rank fleet members - or even just fleet leaders - the ability to select what is newsworthy for the fleet.

Mid Term
Fleet Events:
A little bit better event creation panel that has event type selection option for choosing what Fleet activity (stf/mission/scenario) to schedule. Events then could begin as scheduled with all the appropriate features planned out ahead.

The type of event could even be listed on the Fleet window front page for members to instantly see.

Also, the RSVP button would not be amiss on the event listed on the front page.

Fleet Projects:
There needs to be some way to guarantee that any given member could contribute a certain percentage to a fleet project. The fleet I am in is having problems with certain members starting special projects and filling most of the "easy stuff" right away.

Without having a report on who starts what, it is difficult to regulate that. In lieu of that, how about a cool-down timer (of sorts), in which the contributing member will only be allowed to supply a certain percentage of the projects based on the size of the fleet?

Another suggestion was that the project could be initiated by the member, but doesn't immediately become active for accepting contributions. This would allow for everyone in the fleet to have a fair chance to see what's coming up and when. Alternatively (and would possibly be more feasible), the project queue could be visible to members above a certain rank (like established members, and not those recently added to the fleet). Ranked fleet members would see the next upcoming project, even if they could not select it.

The aim is not to prevent fleet progression, but to balance it with who gets credit for contributing.

One suggestion from a fleet member was to limit the amount of 'x item' that each fleet member could contribute to each project per day/week/etc.

Long Term
Fleet Foundry Missions gateways:
Make the Fleet Starbases capable of launch points and/or way points for Foundry missions. This would make Starbases more of a hub and busy with Fleet member activity.

Fleet starbase/Embassy missions:
Make Fleet specific missions (apart from Watch Officer or the implied upcoming interfleet Starbase space engagements) with special/unique Fleet rewards on completion. These could be similar to STFs, for instance, with repelling boarding parties, hazard containment missions, prisoner transfer escape attempts, etc. Such missions would be ideal for RP action on the Fleet starbase.


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Mid Term:

New nagus. Rom is too nice, And the greed and sexism of the ferengi empire is going way down, This needs to change.

Greedy grand nagus 2409!
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02-20-2013, 10:07 PM
Some mentioned before but here is mine:

Short -

Battle scars. Give me ship costumes that let me put permanent battle scars and scorch marks on my hull. I put my ship through hell in every STF and I want to show it.

Medium and Long -

More ship interior customization. I'd like to travel through sector space while in my ship.

It would also be cool if I could hail star fleet on my view screen and I could move my bridge officers around. I'd like to play my 1st officer in the 2nd command chair and I'd like my engineer to be in engineering.

I'd also like to see a few more rooms like a shuttle bay, conference lounge, and working holo deck. Maybe even an astrometrics lab and cargo bay.

Oh and please make it so that all the chairs in the game both on the ship and in star bases are "click to sit".

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