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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Do you think the devs are proud of "no win scenario" compared to "Temporal Ambassador"? If they were spotlighting their own content, what would they choose?
Dunno why did they want the old Fleet Actions to be the go-to source for dilithium at season 7 launch?

Because they understand having a variety of enjoyable activities with various styles that grant good rewards is a good idea perhaps.

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Here's how it works:

As you'll read, they are suggested by the community and I review. As we're trying to spotlight one a week, your suggestion may be more difficult to implement. However! I'm open to feedback so feel free to leave it here


Brandon =/\=
User Generated Content is all about adding a level of customization to the game, allowing players to create content that they and those of similar playstyle will enjoy. Some love a great deep story. Others prefer interesting mechanics and gimmicks pushing the boundaries of the engine and tool. Another group just loves to blow stuff up with as little in the way of that as possible. But it is about the customization and diversity that can be added to a game that makes UGC amazing. When you limit that artificially without a good reason that will stifle the appeal that the UGC brings. It is one thing to say something is exploitative and I agree the grinders are. But a well designed combat encounter is a well designed combat encounter.

Taking that to the next step, the Spotlight is simple. The spotlight is about showcasing the best of the best created with the foundry. Not the best story. Not the best combat. But simply the best. To that end it should include a large variety of mission types and styles. If you are trying to appeal to a wide audience one should cast a large net. Unless of course the goal is to only attract a select type of player or playstyle to the foundry and UGC in general.

Going even further, the best selling PC game of 2012 had it's development team heavily criticized for defining 'fun' for the players. They are currently doing their best to change that perspective and have agreed that it is up to the player themselves to determine individual what is fun and for them to try and accommodate that. Battleship Royal Rumble has already been determined to be fun by a large number of players. It is not exploitative in the least. Do not cater to special interests or a narrow definition of what should be done with a creative tool nor what should be promoted with it.

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The spotlight should be completely renamed if it is about story missions. I fully support the spotlight as it is but change its name to "this week on star trek online" just like the episodic series.
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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
I think this is a great idea. It could even be the compromise we need to finally end the Foundry War once and for all!
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Just because the policies Bran has laid out to how he picks the mission doesn't mean he limits those to "just the ones I like". Chances are if he likes one he passes it on to some other people in the working community they have at cryptic to play and enjoy to. And we know they have a fleet and play and build themselves. I bet he's gotten email recommendations from Devs too.

That said, we know he does read these so he is probably taking this and putting your thoughts on his list of feedback. Even if he doesn't tell us when he is doing that himself anymore.

Also, on the topic of the repeat spotlight authors; there aren't really that many. In fact, as I look at it, many of those repeats are cases of the author first getting a spotlight choice and then winning a contest or something that rewards a mission spotlight. Additionally, some of them really deserve it. I mean, damn. Just to have some arching policy of "no more than one spotlight mission" is, I feel, a little too big of a wall for a problem we haven't seen be a horrific issue yet. Especially now that we have the time search features.

Anyways, I'm all for the reign of dictator Branflakes. He has been a fair and just ruler and absolute control lets him fudge the dice where it is needed. But then again I am someone looking to find where to submit his application to the Shadowy Foundry Author Cabal.

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