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Alternate title: Reputation Marks are weakening the game.

It's not that they're bad, in fact, they're an excellent way of monitoring progress, you always know how close you are to the end, and it's always obtainable. So if I'm doing STFs I'm always moving forward.

But what if I don't want to do STF's?

I constantly hear about how this game lacks "content". In reality it contains quite a bit, there's just not enough incentives to do everything, or go everywhere. And the "railroading" that the current reward systems, and the reputation systems require, is seriously hurting the game.

Earlier, DStahl was kind enough to post this:

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Another reason is that Fleet Marks should be for Fleet Gameplay and we will begin adjusting where Fleet Marks are granted to keep Fleet Marks in line with our Fleet gameplay goals.
I can understand that desire, but that's causing the reputation system to work against itself, and now it's limiting the game, when it was created to do the exact opposite.

TL;DR: Everything should give everything. There should be no "Fleet Gameplay", or "Romulan Gameplay", or "Borg Gameplay". There should be only Gameplay.

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