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# 1 I love this game
02-14-2013, 10:41 PM
But if your playing PVE fleet actions, please play to your strengths. I am so tired of extending my cruisers shields around people or flying straight into the middle of the cluster and lighting up like a Christmas tree with my fire at will and tetryon beams to take out enemy shields all the while the rest just go off and try to take down a single ship themselves or what not.

Now I'm new to this hole fleet thing but I know how it works.

So I implore people who just jump into PVE fleet actions alone, you are not alone you are with other people so play to your strengths. If your in a escorts attack attack attack, if your in a cruiser help other people out.

Your cruiser is not a battleship. I can deal out quite a bit of damage especially with my torpedo's after I cut down their shields with my beams but it's so crap when I'm surrounded by cruisers helping them out with my buffs while they simply just fly around trying to beat everyone to the kill.

Is it always like this?

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