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# 1 How many people play STO?
02-15-2013, 01:21 AM
Hello fellow Captains!!!

I'm creating this thread out of a desire to actually understand the "true" number of players that enjoy STO.

We have heard a few things from the DEVS about "total number of captains" and that this game is "larger" than CHAMPS, but I feel that some real info is still lacking.

Obviously in a "F2P" game the number of accounts is rather irrelevant.

Something along the lines of max concurrent players or total payed subscriptions (excluding LTS that haven't logged in for the last 30 days) would be more relevant.

Tonight I saw 4 instances of Qonos or so for about ~300 players and I saw ESD at about 10x that or about 3000.

I looked in the PVE Q and other such lists and saw in a generous manner about 500. Throw in DS9, space dock and other places I think maybe a couple more thousand.

Evening in the USA I think concurrent users are ~10k as a very generous number. Anyone else have an opinion? Thanks.

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