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# 1 Foundry Mission Idea.
02-15-2013, 04:04 AM
I had this crazy idea after someone typed this in zone chat, "I have a pet Plague Tribble, it keeps leaving pieces of itself all over the place."

if there was a breed of Tribble called a "Plague Tribble" wouldn't it be neat to introduce said breed into the game by having it earned though a special mission (I do realize that we can't give rewards through the foundry but lets be a little hypothetical) mite be a cool surprise for next Halloween if it got featured as a spotlight mission.

What if this mission was involving a sick Tribble, that spreads a contagious deadly disease though petting it. imagine the possibilities of something that twisted. you find a Tribble that is riddled with a plague that spreads it to your crew and have to go about finding some way to prevent it from killing you and the entire ship, or worse yet for a real twist say you even figure out that this Tribble that started the plague was deliberately injected, and then placed to spread the disease. the sheer horror of the possible outcomes like this, would be awesome to create as a mission through the foundry even without the new Tribble breed reward.

unfortunately I do not have a good talent for using the foundry, and I also don't have the time to create it either, but I thought I mite at least, lay it down here as a seed for others to do so for me. feel free to try it out see what scenario's play out I'm sure somebody mite be interested in the idea.

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