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probably already a thread on this but i could not find it.

elite fleet shields, they all had them. no one on my team had them.

the other day a few friends and I joined a pvp match. Four of us all targeted one escort. You would think 3 escorts and a "10k dps vesta" build would own a single escort.....right?
nope. That escort continued to tank us the entire match, his shields never went below 50%

Now I am not going to complain because of them reasons below.

1) there could have been some EPIC team work going on there
2) he knows something I do not

If id have to guesss, it was not team work, hardly ever see people healing each other in pvp.

So what don't I heres my build, my friends all use this relativly same build with some minor changes for play style, but nothing that breaks its viability.

two rapid fire 1
two tac teams
attack pattern omega 3
attack pattern delta 2
emergency power to shields 1 and 2
transfer shield strength 3
polarize hull 1
hazerd emitters 2

full borg assimilated mark 11 set
sub space field modulator
aux battery
brace for impact shield distrobution duty officers
romulan crit chance boffs, yes I know there was a patch but we were on that in seconds.

did I mention his ship should have been named lawnmower and mine grass? because I got mowed down like i have never been before.

How do people manage this? i mean this is insane, unless i ran into a premade, then i understand.

great i hit submit without a title and the pop up sound made me jump clear out of my seat.
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