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02-15-2013, 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by blebbington View Post
Hmmmm, I wonder if the Fleet Marks nerf was implemented after the 'special' fleets hit rank 5?
Yea, that timings sort of coincidental, no?

Dev: 'ZOMG! A fleets hit Tier 5 WAAAY ahead of schedule!'

D.Stahl: 'What? That's not POSSIBLE! These players are SUPERHUMAN! They must be stopped! *superflexes* I know! Lets cut off their fleet marks! That should slow the dastardly villians down!'

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” - Norman Schwarzkopf

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Originally Posted by brigadooom View Post
Why don't these Update posts containing from-the-heart/wallet explanations of changes (we're doing it - deal with it) ever make it to the front page of the site, for the non-forum reading folk?
They did link to this thread on their Facebook page, but within minutes they deleted it. Presumably they realised just how badly they'd misjudged player opinion on this issue, and didn't want the anger to spread to the Facebook promotional page. XD

This character is why I don't play my Romulan any more. Tovan Khev is NOT my BFF! Get him off my bridge!
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02-15-2013, 05:35 PM
Originally Posted by thebumble View Post
Yea, that timings sort of coincidental, no?

Dev: 'ZOMG! A fleets hit Tier V WAAAY ahead of schedule!'

D.Stahl: 'What? That's not POSSIBLE! These players are SUPERHUMAN! They must be stopped! *superflexes* I know! Lets cut off their fleet marks! That should slow the dastardly villians down!'

"Meanwhile! At the Legion of Cryptic! ... "
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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
Dear Dan,

I've been away for a few days, I don't play as often anymore after you ruined the game in Season 7.

I see however that yet again you've managed to earn the ire of a great many players through your frankly amateur communication policy that seems to assume that when one ****s their pants it's best to wait before telling the rest of the room you've done so. At least give others the courtesy to leave the room or hold their noses by pre-warning them, I mean it's basic etiquette.

Before you reel off more useless numbers, I'd just like to say I don't believe a word you say about "how great" the game is doing. Maybe if you published your figures and the sources from which they were calculated I might be willing accept them. You see statistics should never be trusted if their is no accompanying source, this is something elementary to anyone who has the capability of critical thought.

I do find it funny though how you wheel out the same statements every time you mess up like this. This is why I find it so hard to believe your statements. You see I only started playing in August of last year and since then I've lost count of how many things you've meddled in, however I've noticed a clear decline in my enjoyment of the game.

I've not been here as long as some so I won't make any phony statement about how if only you produced more content I'd be happy and that I'm a long suffering player (I feel for you guys that are, it must be soul-wrenching). The truth is your content sucks, your systems suck and at the moment the lack of creativity is making this game go stale real quick.

You see your own statements really are all I need to confirm to me just how poorly run this game is. Firstly your explanation of why you chose the design options you did for the Fleet system smacks of a group of developers who are either to lazy or too uncreative to look beyond two poor choices for fleet development and try a more out of the box approach.

Then there is all this talk about players getting more dilithium than ever before. This is another statement I don't believe at all especially when you go on to say that the average max player isn't hitting their refining cap. The reality was most of us "max" players were hitting the refining cap consistently in Season 6, now very few of us are.

Season 7 was already the end for small fleets this was just the final nail. You see Dan, you may or may not be aware of this but most of your playerbase are time-limited. We have limitations as to how much time we can play. So when you meddle with the game and introduce new ever more boring time wasting grind content and make it more difficult to amass currency we have to shift our playing habits within the time-limitations we have. Let me spell this out for you personal reputation systems and the sinks involved meant many people either left the game (as did 6 of my 8 fleet members) or made a choice to focus on one irritating grind course to take either fleet or personal rep.

If the idea was to get me to play more, it failed. You want to know why it failed? in a nutshell it's boring. In detail, your fleet missions suck and give out bugger all in rewards, not only that but the 20 man Starbase Defence is a lag-happy mess. The reason why people look for exploits is becuase the grind sucks, they want to do fun things like play with friends on cool new episode missions, oh but wait that's never going to happen, or play PVP, oh wait it's terrible in this game... maybe we could play group mission on foundry content, oh wait it's bugged to hell.

You see Dan I could sit here and write a whole book on how badly handled this game and it's playerbase is... if there is any loyalty from us players it's to the franchise not the game or Cryptic. If a proper Star Trek MMO came out tomorrow with real team based story adventure, fully realized PVP and Factions... you would be closing up shop it is as simple as that. As it stands it's the only place to get my Star Trek fix though I log in less and less as many of my old friends are gone.

However I'm not going to write too much more.

I will break it down for you though in a kind of executive summary.
  • Increasing the demand for currencies by in-game inputs and stagnating the supply or reducing the supply of said currencies has ruined the game
  • People do not want to grind your poorly designed fleet missions over and over for a pitiful amount of currency
  • The entire game feels like a fun fair filled with the broken dreams of players and the half finished half arsed pet projects of the developers
  • Legacy bugs, there are so many it's not even funny
  • You have no in-house QA and treat a weekend test on tribble as a benchmark for "fit to release", also totally ignoring the feedback and concerns of said tribble testers who get paid nothing to QA your game
  • The story content you have is about as deep as pool of urine in my pants when I forget to wear my incontinence nappy.
  • Apparently it's been 3 years since you failed to keep your promise on the KDF
  • In line with your policy on pet projects you will no doubt leave the KDF in a half finished state and move onto a Romulan mini-faction
  • The point of games is that they are fun Dan... fun, not an exercise that feels like work but where I actually pay to do it.

In closing I was hooked in August and I'm pretty much want-a-way by February, I'm an average player, not hardcore just average I have a life, a job, family, friends... other hobbies and wheres STO was winning out against my other hobbies in August, it is now way down on the pecking order.

Carry on screwing your players and meddling in things endlessly whilst throwing a few ships about and come May the Romulan mini-faction and "Search for Sela" episodes will be too little too late for most of us.



Mr. STO made damn sure I'm never moving from DDO to Neverwinter.
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Originally Posted by virusdancer
ARC: A way to Redeem Codes
To be clear, I despise the oddy outfit.

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Some cracking posts as well as good ideas on here, pity none are by devs.

I have not played the foundry missions as my eyes needed time to mend after bleeding so much from grinding the fleet missions when they first came in. If I ever have to do a colony invasion again my head will simply just explode, or ooze.

I had planned to have a look at some foundry missions sometime soon seeing that they gave FM's but was put off by the constant shifting of goalposts with rewards, requirements and then reductions anyway even when missions met requirements and now this nerf so I wont bother at all now.

I have already all but given up on the rep system as they moved goalposts on that too and I don't want my eyes to bleed again because of having to do another colony invasion like grind over and over and over and over just for that set of daily missions.

I was trying to help keep my/our small fleet ticking over with one of my sons but after reading that opening post I now see little point in that either.

While some leeches sponge off their hundreds of fleet buddies to get things discounted many of us work for the rewards. I find it a bit of a piss take when the devs tell me that some sponger's money is worth more then mine is because they weren't smart enough or couldn't be arsed to figure out a way to scale things so tough luck.

I have seen some wastes of bandwidths prattle on about small fleets being useless. Everyone should join a big fleet they say, and you can't expect to get things on the cheap. They miss the big picture though as fleets have been around longer then the starbase sink, later sinks, and future sinks.

You needed 5 people to start a fleet and you could queue up in teams of 5 to play content or do it solo (notice those 5's?) so many fleets didn't need to be massive, a lot of that came with starbases and the need for people to leech off....sorry, I mean people who you don't talk to or know or fly with to get you to that shiny place sooner so that you can brag a bit and show off your erm....big gun and all that.

Removing the FM's from the foundry was stupid and counterproductive and the opening post on here even more so, well in my case anyway. It's just the latest 'play our way' thing that's been done that actually just makes me want to play less.

Everything here is a sink now even time itself. I don't remember seeing Picard constantly having to tour his ship to check out that everyone are doing their jobs. He sat in his ready room checking the datapads and such or called the heads to him to report. I have to go aboard my ship and check most departments in every single sector and nebula though if I want to doff effectively. Loads of loading screens to go through eating up my time when I need it for dil, FM's and all the other things that have been sinkholed.

Games are supposed to be fun but the devs seem to have long forgotten that sadly.
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02-15-2013, 05:51 PM
So no dev comment on this until Monday?
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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
Ahahah, yes that venerable and well established e-zine (mmorpg-center i assume you mean, the guys that awarded this game best f2p lol)
yeah the one that gave them the 6.4 review, Hell Champs did better than STO.
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Originally Posted by smokeybacon90 View Post
So no dev comment on this until Monday?
it would appear that way. They are gonna let is stew for the weekend. If I am logged on, I will be in the foundry, doing exactly what they don't want us to do.

To answer your question, yes. - @Executive_Emily - I have a Website? Oh, yeah! I do.
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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
Ahahah, yes that venerable and well established e-zine (mmorpg-center i assume you mean, the guys that awarded this game best f2p lol)
Nonot that fake site. There are two decent mmo sites I know of, and Massively. Althoughthe STO "reporter" for Massively isa major Cryptic sychophant andMassively has been pushing Cryptic stuff uncommonlya lot lately. (*cough*payola*cough*)
Leave nerfing to the professionals.
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02-15-2013, 05:57 PM
I'm going with the boycott option at the moment, kinda of sad that I'm more intrigued by whats being said in here than playing the game at the moment, but that's a longer trend that started with Season 7.
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