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02-15-2013, 09:47 PM
5 Tactical captains. all with 3 SNB Doffs, rommy boffs and consoles.

2 of them would be in Escorts with AP doffs as the remaining 2. The Escorts likely would be the new 5 forward weapon Andorian scorts or failing that, Bug ships.

2 would probably have cruisers, running warp plasma, T5 romulan sci booster.

1 would probably be a sci ship. For maximum jack assery I would probably make it a carrier.

Why bother with SNB when you can just waste away everyone's best stuff with the stupid doffs instead. Now if cryptic did something really really dumb (as opposed to just being fail tastic like normal) and they handed out doffs that gave you APA on a weapon proc, I'd swap the tacs all out for 5 scis.
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02-15-2013, 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by mavhax View Post
5 Tactical captains. all with 3 SNB Doffs, rommy boffs and consoles.
so those snb doffs are the new s**** that turns off your dhc for 5 days ?

guess the next update will be to remove the pvp window from UI.

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02-16-2013, 12:53 AM
I was staying away from this thread... but I had nothing better to do...
and seeing as we are theory crafting mass annoyance...

1 of these Full aux Sci 1 Wells

With 3 Plasma up front 2 mines and a beam for subs in back.
3 tech doffs... so they can keep SS and VM out almost all the time.
2 torp doffs

1 of these Full aux Sci 2 Wells

This one would run Transphasic instead... one ship spamming plasma to force hazards out is good enough.

Pretty much the same setup as up top... only 1 Gravity well doff... this should keep any threat of tric mines on the other side from disrupting the teams wagon wheel of extends.

1 of these... Full aux Sci 3 Vesta

Almost the same build as the wells spamming torps, but the added vesta console goodies, and some advanced noob fighters of course... sitting at 125 aux power... spamming VMs and SS at global just like his team mates.
Tech and torp doffs of course.

1 of these Tac Bug

4 DHC... 1 Turret, 1 beam for the overload 2s... 1 KCB...
I put an extend 1 on it... which I think would be fine in a team like that... but if the team felt they needed it or there escort guy just sucked... an RSP after a team manages to get through all the sci spam / extend spam could cause someone to smash a keyboard.
2 Attack pattern Doffs... and 3 Dmg Control... or 2 dmg control + a hazards doff.

and Finaly
1 ENGI cruiser... I know right that doesn't seem right.

This engi cruiser would also be full aux... running all torps and mines.... 4 torps front 2 torps rear... with 2 mines. Type don't matter much plasma tranny or chron.

The EPS goes to the escort every single time.

Everyone would of course have grave pulse... theta consoels... and the sci would all have subspace jumps.

5 Extends, Circle em up... cruiser extends escort... sci extend each other... GW keep the trico mines away from the extendo wheals...

3 VMS... all at global cool down (should be able to disable 1-2 of the other team perma like... if the other team slots the engi team clears... they will enjoy the next point)

2 Scrambles... all at global cool down (as above if they clear these they sit people out with VM issues)

3 Sub nukes... Sci ships all running Subspace jump consoles so timing them will never be an issue.

Multiple copies of engi / sci teams... calling fixes team should be well protected.

4 Torp / Mine boats..... spamming torpedos everywhere... with a bug dropping facings. with 3 ships spamming tranny and one spamming plasma it would keep the other team on there toes, I think.

1 Sci ship dropping Gravity wells at global with a doff.... removing the other teams possible spam clouds.

Best (worst) case setup... everyone has a Gravity Pulse console... as well as a Theta Console... Cruiser for sure so he/she can tag team EWP/Theta clouds.

With all the aux to bats going around... of course everyone would be slotting Aux team bats.

I know some people woulds say that team wouldn't have enough DPS... really though I think 4 ships spamming torps and mines... and VMS and scrambles... even if it takes them 3 nukes every kill.... by around min 10 the other team will be ready to just log. lol

I don't think I could think up any more of a douche bag team then that.

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