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I don't know whose to blame for this...who should be fired, or even who is responsible for fixing these.

Bug Number 1: Fleet chat is constant missing from chat drop down options. This is at least a month old if not older. HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

Bug Number 2: Cannot slot Bridge officers into slots on ships. HALF ASS FIX.

Bug Number 3: Klingon space missions about gorath and forcas III are black screens for quite a few people. UNSURE IF MANY HAVE THIS ISSUE.

Bug Number 4: Sector Alerts don't always spawn mobs and simply warp you back out. This problem has been around since Borg alerts. HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

Bug Number 5: When I explode..I cannot, turn my ship. I can only fly in a straight line. Not sure who else gets this. UNSURE IF MANY HAVE ISSUE

These are glaring issues...and Im sure there are more Im missing. Honestly..I am sickened with the apparent lack of quality that seems to be surrounding this game. You people(PWE/cryptic) Seem more interested in shoving the next lockbox down our throats then actually fixing this game....and really....I can see the quality. Or better...lack of quality.
I've been playing this game since it was released....3 years later...and several massive patchs/updates later and bugs, horrible..game breaking bugs are allowed to roam free in game for weeks, months and longer.

Please actually spend some time fixing this game.
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