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# 1 Dedicated Vesta Healer
02-15-2013, 11:28 PM
I put together a dedicated Vesta healing build, any suggestions for improvements (other than the skills) or OP stuff (although I would have to say that not being in a Recluse does put me at a little disadvantage, although Vesta consoles may help or even supparse that)

Science Vesta, Science Character

Power Lvls: Weapons 25, Shields 50, Engines 25, Aux 100

Aux DHCx3 (OP? Although I hardy think so I don't to very much damage at all lol (well unless I don't need to heal anyone, but there is not much point in centrering and build around defeating noobs is their), I doubt they even affect my aux abilites since when I am healing I am not firing

MACO Deflector and Shields (yes I know Fleet are better but I prefer MACO for some reason, also I like how the MACO deflector boosts my heals and with the set 2 MACO bonus (othewise that would be a borg deflector).

Borg Engines

x2 Phaser Turret Mk XII [CrtD], Phaser Beam Array Mk XII [Acc] [CrtH] [Borg] (I know these are fail weapons but since I run really low weapons power it matters little, the beam array is for subsystem targeting)

Shield Battery (increase Shield Power for Extend Shields), Red Matter, Subspace Field Modulator

Engineering: x2 SIF Generators Mk XII

Science: x4 Emitter Array Mk XII, Borg Console

Tactical: The 3 Peice Vesta Set (Is it deemed OP?, I usally reserve for when I am being targeted since that is my weakness (I die much easier than assisting others and rarely have anyone to heal me, they help somewhat but not for long (obviously), but I sometimes use fermion field to get close to an ally and heal them, the others are useful as a bit of assisting damage and pushing others to spread a little caos (maybe resisting kenetic a bit, but the only reason I them is for the Shield Bubble and Fermion Field)

Hanger: Shield Repair Units (since everyone thinks danubes are OP but they really aren't imo, not much point in getting Very Rare either since they die pretty quick in any case, although I kinda like them more than Danubes anyway)

Engineer Team 1, Extend Shields 1 and 2
Hazard Emitters 1
Tactical Team 1, Cannon Rapid Fire 1
Emergency Power to Shields 1 and 2
Science Team 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2 and 3, Viral Matrix 3

Doffs: (forgive the fail)
x3 Additional Viral Matrix after 30 seconds
BFI Doff
Evasive Doff

I plan to change the Evasive and BFI to x2 Purple BFI, also I don't really know any doffs better than the VM (ones that are affordable anyway), I don't think VM is very useful in my build with all the resistances to it but who knows.

I have thought of changing the Lt Commander Eng to a science and packing better hazard emitters (but then that would get rid of my secondary shield heal, although there is higher science teams I don't really like that idea (but then again instant heals go a long way)), thoughts?

Skill Planer (I use this char for tour the universe so thats why I have 9 in Driver Coil, I know I should get ec other ways but oh well, I can't really respec atm on this char so a lot of bad stuff in stuff):

Combatlogs of an encounter I had earlier today, the Rapid Fire 1 dosen't really Help Much but oh well (what else would there be to put there), I am really new to healing (about a week) so I don't really have time to use my weapons:

Starfleet M.A.C.O. KDF Honour Guard

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