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The numbers are in the current PriorityOne podcast, it's linked to on the front page. Since I'm not sure how many people are going to listen to the whole thing and notice this part, I thought it was interesting to bring this up for discussion for the whole board.

Cryptic's assumptions for which they decide the starbase costs on:

- An average fleet has 25 players (active players I assume)
- A fleet member uses 25% of their dilithium income on the fleet

I must say, I find those assumptions reasonable. The size seems realistic (minus maybe the -active- player part) and 25% dil a day (< 2000 dil) is fair too and shouldn't be too much of a burden on anyone's personal needs.

Though the conclusions that Cryptic draws from those numbers...

So they assume that an average fleet has less 50k dilithium a day to work with. (25 * 2000)

So a Tier IV upgrade of the Starbase and the three departments would a cost a total of:

1900000 + 900000 + 900000 + 900000 = 4600000 dilithium
4600000 / 50000 = 92 days.

So it's "working as intended" that it will take an average fleet a quarter year to cross from T3 to T4. Daily projects to get the required XP not even counted. Embassy not even counted.

Yes it's kinda a dead horse how much Cryptic is straining fleets, but this is the first time we have hard and official numbers on which Cryptic operates on.


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