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# 1 Warbird1988's Mission List
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Warbird's Mission List

Abandon All Hope
Project ID: ST-HNULOOS92
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 46+
Synopsis: You have been called to Cardassia Prime to provide security for the Babel One Memorial Conference. However things go from bad to worse which ultimately results in the arrival of an untimely enemy and leaves you stranded in the forsaken realm of Fluidic Space.

Abandon All Hope - Part 2
Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 46+
Synopsis: With your ship lost and you crew marooned on a forbidding land mass deep in Fluidic Space. With hope fading fast, it is up to you to explore this dangerous new environment and discover the truth behind Species 8472's hostility of all organic life.

Abandon All Hope - Part 3

Language: English
Allegiance: Starfleet
Level: 41+
Synopsis: The USS Atlantis, a Deep Space Science Vessel has gone missing while investigating an new alien race called the "Pax". Significantly more advanced technology has been discovered on the spiritual Pax Homeworld and could serve as a Herald that there are much worse things outside this Galaxy then just the Borg...

Andromeda (Triangulum - Part 2)

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