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02-16-2013, 03:20 PM
Oooookay I think you're doing way more work than you need to! If you kick back and look at a few things in the game at launch, and it needs to be at launch, you'll likely come to the conclusion that STO combat was heavily dependant on slows.

Not out and out holds, but slows. Being able to move an escort into Acc/Def parity was how they worked thier evil magic. And some of these items you're mentioning are very good counters, and good design. Jam sensors for instance. Scramble, not so much a good design, as the skill cap is about zero. Jam sensors, you DESERVE to jam somone if your fast enough.

And really the BAD stuff only really gets BAD when bonus defense is negative. Did you know that percentage multipliers of defense, if used when held, give you......MOAR NEGATIVE DEFENSE. Fun fact. I don't care if its just for a second. It's there. Just saying.

100% hit rate is bad as it is though. All the Crit Hit that you can get from consoles, slap some Dam/Crit D weps on and really just go to town.

So maybe if Sci resistances worked. A drain build kills you in sooooo many ways. But mostly cause it drains your most important stat, defense. There's just to much going on to solve it by making them roll for hits.

So maybe if we add a few panic defense buttons that all cruisers and scis can reach? Omega by a different name. Doesn't need to be huge, just enough to keep ships out of the negative bonus zone. Bad stuff happens there.

Here's sort of an example. Take warp plasma. It slows you. And isn't this frustrating, but it is, Cruisers will get hurt the worse in any case, Escorts the least. Well how awful and unbalanced is that right from the start? But ok, its unbalanced. Toss a Doff in there that turns a slow into a hold. Now's its Crit Death time. Wow how can that be good? Cant be balanced. Think Doffs are coming out?

Yaaaaaah right. Get some defence that anyone can use. Give folks the ability to get OUT of the negative zone in a way that all ships could reach. We know where the bad place is, we know the expected ranges of Acc and Def, lets keep them in the sane zone.

But not sure if want to add Acc, or more Acc based abilities into the game.

Another fun fact. Adding more Acc just simply can't be beat. There's just no way in the game to out do it as a stat. Its the only stat that as you add it, it makes the NEXT points you add EVEN BETTER at any given point on the Acc/Def Curve. As a stat it is SOOOOO good that the devs hid Crit D inside of DHC's because you'd have to be a little fuzzy in the brain to choose that as a stat over Acc. Acc, the stat so good it makes all others pale.

Cheers happy flying and by God man, get out there and get us some DEFENSE!

Oh and not saying your tuning of sci has no merit, I'd just suggest finding a way to get the devs to make resistances work. Just Acc based hit chances, not so much. Peace!

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