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My KDF character has a blue quality Tractor Beam Officer, Wadi species that I got a while ago through an Officer Exchange mission. However, I cannot use him in any slot for a DOFF mission that requires a Tractor Beam Officer. I am fairly certain (though have not tested it fully) that he cannot be selected for *any* duty officer missions at all.

His name is Charnalur, which should help tracking him down in your databases.

If it is a mission that requires his speciality, I do NOT get the alert where you are told you don't have an available officer of that type that denies you the ability to start choosing DOFFs to use. Instead I am allowed to choose the assignment, but the officer cannot be selected in the correct spot. I have no other Tractor Beam Officers on this ship currently, so I am left with a blank list with no selection option.

I also cannot assign this same duty officer to active duty. If you press the button to put him on space duty, nothing happens.

As far as I am aware, this is the only DOFF I have ever encountered these issues with. He simply seems to be totally non-functional.

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