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Hello,Trekkies and Trekkers. I recently returned to the game (I played from launch, till I hit level 45). I love the game, but activities to do at max level was a bit sparse back then. So I'm back now, and loving it. I've since hit level 50 easily, and are now preparing to farm dilithium, buy a new fancy ship, and build my cruiser to be a beast. Hopefully.

I know, people hate these kinds of threads. I'm sure somebody wants to point me to one of the guides stickied. I read them, and they are great. But they aren't very newbie friendly. A personalized help thread is always more beneficial (from my experience from other games), so I hope some of you have the patience and kindness of heart to help me out.

I tried PVP again to complete a daily for dilithium, and I was absolutely crushed. Just absolutely nothing I was capable of doing. I should mention I'm piloting a Star Cruiser, with what I thought was a tanky setup, and something that has served me fine in PVE.

So I beseech your years of wisdom since I left.
I have a few questions that I'd love answered. I know this is specifically the PVP thread, and a couple of my questions are PVP per se, but I'm sure you will be able to explain them in a quick paragraph along with your pvp recommendations. So here's a summary.
1. What did I do wrong with my setup
2. What are these...Duty Officers? They weren't here before, and how do I obtain the ones I hear apparently have great abilities for your ship.
3. Also, what abilities would I want to get on my Duty Officers for my 10 active list.
4. How does this reputation system work? I know you are capable of farming sets, deflector/impulse/shields that are top tier from it. Can I get a run down of how to farm the set you recommend?
5. After looking at my current setup below, and what I'd like to be able to perform, I'd love these three questions answered.
5a. What can I replace immediately in bridge officer skills and equipment to be viable in PVP
5b. What can I farm for in terms of energy credits in the not too distant future, what weapons and equipment should I be shooting for? What Duty Officers?
5c. During the credit farming, what ship set and ship itself should I be building towards? I hear Omega, Borg, Aegis, and something are considered best? How would I go about getting these? What do I need to do? Also I hear that I'm pretty much locked into upgrading to an Odyssey Cruiser? So is that the only ship I should be shooting towards?

Thank you for staying with me so far. I love this game, and want to get back into it in force.
So here's the lame killed-instantly-wow-I-must-appear-drunk-to-enemies setup I die with.

I'm an Engineer
I am in a Star Cruiser
-In my weapons, I have 6 Phased Polaron Beam Array [CrtD]x2 Mk XI. 2 Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo Launcher Mk XI, one in front one in back.
-My Deflector/Impulse/Shields are the Jem'Hadar, giving me the dominion synergy set bonus, and the AntiProton Sweep which seemed useful for PVP with cloaking Klingons.
-Devices is Auxiliary Battery, Weapons Battery, Engine Battery, and Scorpion Fighters.
-Engineer Consoles are 2x EPS Flow Regulators Mk X and 2x Ablative Hull Armor Mk X.
-Science Consoles are 2x Power Insulator and 1x Emitter Array Mk VII
-Tactical Consoles are 2x Poloron Phaser Modulator Mk XI

Lt Tactical Station
High Yield I
High Yield II

Cmdr Engineering Station
Emergency Power to Weapons I
Emergency Power to Shields II
Reverse Polarity II
Reverse Polarity III

Lt Cmdr Engineering Station
Emergency Power to Shields I
Engineering Team II
Emergency Power to Shields III

Lt Science Station
Science Team I
Hazard Emitters II

Ensign Science Station
Hazard Emitters I

For my plans, and my playstyle, I wish to pilot a Tanky team oriented cruiser that can still take care of itself. I'm not asking to be the best at everything, but I want a cruiser that isn't entirely dependent on teammates. I want to be able to extend shields or heal, or w/e cruisers can do if a teammate needs it, but I want to also be able to hopefully kill an escort 1v1 if I perform well enough. Enough damage to defend myself, but enough tankiness and team skills to be useful. Hopefully that isn't asking to have the cake and eat it too. Maybe the term Hybrid fits here, I don't know for sure.

So have at it. If you had the patience to reach this far, thank you. I really appreciate your help in answering these questions and helping me back into the game. Hopefully it wasn't toomuch.

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