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# 1 Outreach Corps is recruiting!
02-16-2013, 09:36 PM
OutReach Corps is currently recruiting. We are a laid back fleet that is looking for active players who enjoy both team events and also solo work. We have a full bank, providing commodities for "outreach" missions in exchange for data samples. This allows you to complete outreach missions without having to spend hard earned EC.

While our numbers are currently small, we are looking to expand. We have a t2 moving to t3 starbase. If outreach missions, doing things at your own pace, running things with fleetmates, and just having friendly people to enjoy the game with appeals to you, join us at the Outreach corp.

Duty is our service, and service our reward.

(Warning, said reward can consist of both fun and booty.)

--Please contact Armand@namelesszombie in game for more details/if interested.

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