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# 1 Fleet for sale
02-17-2013, 05:25 AM
Hi all,

i'm looking to sell my one-man-fleet (the "wasteside"):

Fleet level - 5

Starbase is tier 1 ready(tier 2 ready to slot, 4000/t3 7000 starbase-xp)

Military is tier 2 ready(33250/t3 50000 military-xp)

Military buff provisions - 65
Military ship provisions - 85
Military operational assets - 0

Engineering is tier 1 ready(25,250/t3 50000 engineering-xp,
tier 2 slotted, only 691 fleetmarks, 25 doffs and 76k dil needed)

Engineering buff provisions - 0
Engineering operational assets - 20
Engineering personal requision - 0

Science is tier 1 ready(com-array+transwarp; 15750/t2 25000 science-xp)

Science buff provisions - 0
Science operational assets - 0
Science personal requision - 0

Special projects completed

Glass roof, (interior designer slotted after another project)

Fleet bank one tab
Embassy is tier 0
Diplomacy is tier 0
Recruit is tier 0

there are projects slotted right now which mostly only lack of fleetmarks and could be started very soon.

i started the fleet primarily to get access to fleet-ships, sank about 1.000.000 dil into this and farmed nearly 4.000.000 fleetcredits in whole, so plz only serious offers.
my prizing-tag to negotiate about would be 200m ec.

offers, or if you first want to take a closer look, plz per ingame-mail (@MrWastee], thx.

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