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There is a problem with the B'rel Retrofit in the fleet ship system. Namely, its only unique and selling feature for the zstore, its enhanced cloaking device, is built-in and being given away in the fleet ship when no other zstore ship has this feature.

What then, do those that purchased the zstore version get for their purchase?

Cstore purchasers: Paid 2500 zen + 1 fleet module to upgrade (500zen) = 3k zen.
Non-cstore purchasers: Pay 2000 zen (500x4) to get the full & upgraded b'rel.

A slap in the face it seems

I would like to suggest the following:

Give the Zstore B'rel a DEVICE (not console) that will synergize with its enhanced cloak. Available only from the Zstore and transferable to the Fleet B'rel and to ANY future birds of prey that have enhanced cloak.

This device has two functions:

Passive: Removes global timer on torpedoes and mines during AMBUSH effect (post-decloak 5s window). In essence, it allows the Enhanced cloak ship to fire all torpedoes at once. This is the synergy portion with the enhanced cloak.

Active: 1 minute to re-use, 10 second duration: During the time the device is active, high yield torpedoes receive a small damage and speed bonus based on ship's weapon power level; torpedo spread attacks receive +1 target to hit with spread based on weapon power level. This is the active synergy portion of the device.

Essentially, there are four 'power ups', each based on per-30 wep power.

30: HY: +4% dmg +10% speed ; SPRD: +1 tgt
60: HY: +8% dmg +15% speed; SPRD: +2 tgt
90: HY: +12% dmg + 20% speed;SPRD: +3 tgt
120: HY: +18% dmg +25% speed;SPRD: +4 tgt

Note torp spread does not increase damage but rather only increases number of ships the spread will hit.

Since the b'rel is essentially the premier torpedo boat of the game, this device allows it to make good use of the enhanced cloak AND provides an incentive to use weapon power on the b'rel retro rather than running very high engine/aux and ignoring weapons and shields.

With this zstore exclusive device that comes with the b'rel retro, the zstore ship will remain market-able and the fleet version remains market-able. Just like the federation's coming dreadnought (cloak console), adv. escort (multi-vector), armitage (torp def. console) , etc,etc.

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