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02-16-2013, 10:10 PM
If I understand correctly, PvP is not very popular in STO. I can say for myself, playing STO solidly for over a year now, I have never even attempted PvP. Like many, I'm sure, I've heard about the time and effort people put into the perfect PvP builds, not to mention the rumored **** gangs and I just never cared to step into that world.

That's not to say that I've never thought it might be interesting to take one of my ships "as is" into a battle with some human players. But, to take such a thing into the Pro arena probably would not be much fun for me or the team that got stuck with me. So, how about a Newb Arena?

A place where any random player, in whatever jalopy he happens to be piloting can join in some pew pew fun, without a care. A perpetual battleground in which a player can enter and exit at will. There's is no beginning, there is no end. No score is kept, no rewards are given. No pressure, no embarrassment. Simply playing for playing's sake. Eh, maybe a daily event or something, if people REALLY must be rewarded for everything.

Joining would be instantaneous. The player would be placed in the first empty slot on either team. No separation by faction. No joining as a team.

I think that's about it really. Just very basic, simple PvP fun. A chance for casual players to get their feet wet and possibly even generate more interest in higher level PvP action.

I've placed this in the General Feedback forum because this is aimed at the community at large, however if it must be moved, by all means.
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02-17-2013, 04:49 AM
You have certainly run into some pre made high skilled team and got your but kicked, and dont lie that you never done PvP :d Thats common thing to happen in PvP, and pro like to bully noobs but I dont think there needs to be a noob arena, a pro arena in the other hand wouldn't be a bad idea making pvp more popular ! Everyone wants to win you know
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02-17-2013, 05:33 AM
Just go into Ker'rat. Some you'll win, some you'll lose, but it'll always be a learning experience. There's often banter in Zone chat, but take it with a pinch of salt.

Oh, and if you get shot a few times by the same person, don't take it personally. They're most likely just going for you because you're the first target they see, rather than actively hunting you specifically.
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02-17-2013, 07:27 AM
Originally Posted by rakija879 View Post
You have certainly run into some pre made high skilled team and got your but kicked, and dont lie that you never done PvP :d
I have never done PvP. Never saw the point. Just because I have never done it, doesn't mean I don't know a little about it.

I know that PvP is different than PvE. Every ship I have, every Boff ability, everything is set up for PvE. I do not care enough for PvP to set myself up for it.

I dont think there needs to be a noob arena
And for those that PvP now, there isn't a need. I am talking about a place for the larger non-PvPing player base to go and shoot at each other for gits and shiggles. Nothing more. A place for people who still fly Rainbow boats. For people who don't know about Doff buffs. For people who don't have purple everything. Just a fun place to pop in, shoot at people and pop right back out, without giving it a second thought.

Of course, maybe I've gotten the wrong impression and PvP is wildly popular. Maybe it's just me sitting it out.

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