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10-17-2012, 06:10 AM
Its been a while since I used them so I don't remember the exact range, but if I remember correctly if you fire it at a short range the mines don't deploy.
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02-05-2013, 08:57 PM
Originally Posted by cpc2011a View Post
You mean to tell me someones actually works? Mine also has about a 90% failure rate...i dont even see a torpedo heading down range, just a timer on the torp icon telling me that some doff pushed the fire button apparently without loading the tube first. Unfortunatly the same thing aplies to the rapid reload launcher. Too bad too because I'd like to be able to use the cluster on the rear of a cruiser.
Having the exact same problem. Cooldown timer resets to 45 seconds and nothing happens. It's quite often.
- Manual or Auto fire doesn't matter, both exhibit this problem.
- Fore and Aft doesn't matter

FYI I fly a Korath Temporal Science ship.
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02-17-2013, 12:22 PM
Same thing here: about 40% of the time the torpedo just doesn't fire. Sometimes it appears, then is gone, sometimes nothing appears and the timer resets. I stuck it on the back so only fire it when it's ideal, and in two out of five shots absolutely nothing happens.

I have checked the error log, nothing hits the Torp to kill it--if it did, that'd be fine. But nothing. Often I'm almost at max range, so nothing could hit it. Did a test with my fleet, they handled the Gate in an Elite STF whilst I was butt-first on the far side, firing only the Cluster Torp, and it happened at 9.98km range--40% did nothing.

This is a long, ongoing problem that looks to be at least two years old, judging from this, this, and this. These posts are from October 2010--having a glitch for so long is simply pathetic.

I subbed to STO because space combat is fun. But I keep finding bit after bit that is laggy, broken, or not working, then I look to the forums and see these things are not just recently broken, they've been broken for months or years or since launch. It's pathetic, and Cryptic needs to hire more and/or better programmers, or allocate far more resources to gameplay testing and improvement.

Because there are more and more F2P MMOs out there every day, and being lax will just mean you lose. I don't want to see STO go away, nor do I want to continue to soldier on if I have no guarantee things will work now or in the future. You need to be better to your customers, you need to fix things that are broken and reply to requests/demands.

C'mon--this glitch is oooooooolllllldddd.... get it fixed already.

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