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I did a cursory search but didn't really find anything that clearly explains how the visuals work with the STF ground gear.

With the new Rep System, I have now acquired the the M.A.C.O. Mk-XI, three piece ground set...

Even though I'm not what one would call a 'newb' around here, this is my first attempt at getting any of this.

A couple of weeks ago I finally decide to plunge in head first and attempt Elite STF's.
(I was always afraid I would be more of a detriment than an asset to the team, but found I can hold my own pretty well)

My problem is that I can't figure out how to get the helmet to show up.
(or if it's even possible to do so with this set)

I know vaguely that there is some kind of restriction as to how the sets work, but I've never really understood what that was.

Can somebody who understand these visuals, please take a few minutes to give a clear and concise description as to how all of these ground set visuals work?
(or point me toward a thread that does so?)

Thanks in advance.
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