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With steadily improving starbase and embassy facilities, and an increasing and active membership, Sol Trade Consortium is an established fleet with something to offer hard-core and casual players alike.

We're a fleet with a casual organization - all you need to do is log on to the game and say "hi" once in a while, though we'd certainly like to see you in our fleet activities, too! We hold regular events for training and live practice in STF elites, and we have hard-core players who'll show you how to handle those with ease. And there are informal calls for group events at any time in our lively chat channel, from STFs to epohh tagging to spontaneous partying at the embassy.

Above all, we're here to help each other out. Even our long-time VAs with plenty of experience remember what it was like to be new and baffled, so you can ask for help or advice on any subject, and be sure of getting a helpful response. Want opinions on the best load-out for a Chimera Heavy Destroyer? We can do that. Want to know how to find Admiral Quinn? We can do that too.... Members, after an initial probation period (just to weed out the bank raiders!) have access to a well-stocked bank and well-provisioned bases, and even if you're still a new recruit, you can often find someone online who'll help out with supplies and equipment. (In keeping with the "Trade" bit, quite a few officers have Tuffli freighters, and can assist with the facilities those offer.)

What don't we do? Well, we try to keep group chat clear of contentious subjects (politics, religion, "adult" matters), and, while we've nothing against roleplaying, we try not to have heavy interpersonal Drama. And, though we don't require people to be over eighteen, we do ask for a little maturity... whatever your age.

But, in the end... we're here to have fun. And if you'd like to come have some fun with us, we'd love to have you.

Find out more at our website ([]), contact any of our officers in-game :-


or leave a message on this thread!

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