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# 381
02-17-2013, 02:58 PM
I've been unable to assign any officers. and this has been going on for three days. I don't care if it's the weekend. if your product is broke you %$^@#%$ FIX it.
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# 382
02-17-2013, 03:23 PM
I had this problem too. I recently was promoted to Rear Admiral, Lower Half and got a new ship. I couldn't assign officers to my stations.

Here is how I was able to get them to assign:

I went to Delta Volanis Cluster which is right next to Sol System.

I found a mission to start.

When I got into the mission I went and tried to assign the stations and it worked.

Don't know if it will work for others but it worked for me.

Good luck.
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# 383
02-17-2013, 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by pacelli1 View Post
Cannot assign bridge officers and getting really frustrated about it. What good is it to have additional ships if I can never switch from my first? I've been to another map location, entered combat, entered mission instances and changed instances. Nothing helps.
I had the same problem, but fixed it by going to my fleet starbase, as others recommended earlier in this thread.

Going to Memory Alpha space and ground, changing ships, and changing zones did NOT work for me, as others mentioned in this thread.

I did not try going to my bridge, as others suggested, so I don't know if the bug can be fixed there. If you are not in a fleet with a starbase, try going to your personal bridge. Maybe you can slot your bridge officers there.

Good luck.

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# 384
02-17-2013, 03:55 PM
Same now for one of my toons. The rub? The reason his Boffs unslotted was to play the Temporal Ambassador mission. In short, the bug - which was dodgy top begin with - is compounded by the "celebratory" anniversary mission.


EDIT: After trying shuttles, bridge and ship switches, I eventually got a resolution by entering an STF where I was able to reslot BOffs.

On reflection, the worst part of Cryptic's handling of this is that the "workaround" posted on their bulletin board is useless. They should be directing people to this thread, or would that be an admission of failure?

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# 385
02-17-2013, 04:55 PM
Had this problem with my klingon w/no fleet, I was able to fix it from the bridge
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# 386
02-17-2013, 04:56 PM
I was able to get around the bug but it was a weird fix. I have a shuttle craft active as well as my starship. I changed the Universal station on my Shuttlecraft to BO x. I was then able to slot that BO onto the station of my Starship. Then I changed the Shuttlecraft officer to BO y and was then able to slot him onto the Starship ... and so on.
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# 387 No reliable work around.
02-17-2013, 05:12 PM
I've also tried the advised work arounds, the only one that did work was going to my bridge and assigning the officers to stations. However my next mission was the one where you have to pilot the klingon ship... so damned if it didn't just wipe my boffs out of their slots. When I went back to the bridge to try and assign them again, it did not work. I have gone to every instance, to my bridge, logged in and out, even tried swapping ships numerous times. NONE of these fixes work reliably, and only one of them worked at all...
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# 388
02-17-2013, 05:23 PM
I bet everyone getting this has done the Anniversary mission. I have one toon that has not done it and had no problems, all the other had the issue.

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# 389 Exploration fix worked for me
02-17-2013, 05:28 PM
I had the same problem. Premoted to Commander, new ship, no BOFF skills in space.
Flew to Delta Volcanis, explored unknown system (this starts a new mission, if you have already excepted one) and bing I can assign me boff skills in space.
Big bug if you ask me, my boff skills keep me alive most of the time
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# 390
02-17-2013, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by vzon View Post
Had same problem with new ship. Went to a cluster (Khazzan) and after first engagement I was able to slot my BO's. Supposedly, this will work with any "Explore" mission. Good Luck.
Worked with mine
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