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02-17-2013, 08:22 PM
Originally Posted by hussere View Post
Take no offense but I think you are missing the whole thread line here.

so basicaly what you are suggesting is to multiply the amount of items grinding by a X factor, depending on how many X fleets you join and contribute to? xD

How to say ... Thanks but no thanks
It totally goes against the whole thread wich is :

Too much grind; not enough FUN

Beeing able to join more fleets will result in even more grind and won't solve anything
You missed the whole point of my post.

I am creating an ideal situation for people to remain in the fleets they are in, due to familial/language/country/friends/RP/etc reasons, and still be able to get rewards without having DStahl's option A used, or the current option B (severe toll on fleet members to progress).

This situation would allow people to reap the benefits of a large fleet without having the drawbacks of not enough members, while still retaining their existing small fleet.

Note that it is not merging fleets. Merging involves mixing the fleet rosters together and taking the best starbase. That is not what I propose.

Since most small fleets would not be content with simply having members and no donations to fleet projects, I inserted the ability to donate only. This way, it reduces the amount of provisions used up by fleet members, allowing fleet projects for the smaller fleet to progress without having to re-provision.

Sure, it doesn't really benefit the player. But fleets are NOT about the player. Fleets are about being a part of something bigger, and supporting them.

And yeah, it's not the best idea I've come up with. You are more than welcome to improve upon the three-fleet concept and build on it.

...the main concern is the forced grind and lack of fresh content. For a game that is three years old it still has a pitiful amount of content.

Changes brought about with S7 have changed working content to forced grind. Borg space weapons were NOT removed because they failed to work. On the contrary I have seen them work perfectly. They were removed because they didn't work in minor instances (Assimilated KDF Ships and Borg gates) and they were too easy to acquire. I personally would rather have a weapon that works 90% of the time than no weapon at all.
I agree completely with this. Season 7 is essentially the "grinding season". All we do is grind - now for the fleet starbases, embassies, personal equipment, omega rep, Romulan rep, dil exchange, etc. It is, frankly, ridiculous.

The three-fleet system doesn't exactly help in that regards, but it does help with allowing personal progression without being stuck in a small fleet - essentially, indirectly reducing the amount of grind to get the fleet base to the desired level.

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