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For example, if the skill boxes looked like this:

Captain Skill Boxes

You will notice there is a new category for skills: Operations. Ops is a career-neutral set of skills focused on general ship performance and bridge/crew functions. It is not science,tactical or engineering.



Shield System: Max shield HP based on #of skill boxes filled.
Starship Maneuvers: essentially the helm. the +def bonus when moving.
Power Distribution: Determines how fast power is transferred through the ship.
Damage control teams: This box alone determines how effectinve tac/science/eng teams are.
Inertial Dampeners: Modifies inertia and counters to hold.
Sickbay: determines how fast your crew recovers
Threat control: self explanatory
Countermeasures: Same as it is now.
Crew Efficiency: Increases crew-related bonuses.
Bridge Officer Efficiency: decreases timers on boff abilities.

All are self explanatory and cover the same they cover now. The only changes are:

Impulse Engines: Determine acceleration and top speed sub-light.
Thruster Control: improves turn rate (this box alone does this) and increases thruster-only speed.

Science: Self explanatory except for:

Starship Deflector Modification: Affects performance of all deflector-based offensive abilities.
Photonic Systems: Affects photonic abilities/holographic performance.
Starship Shield Modifications: Affects performance of regeneration-over-time abilities including shield (as equipment) stats.
Astrometrics: Reduces time for transwarp/slipstream and includes all functions of the old Particle skill box.
Weapon Modifications: Determines 50% potential of directed energy modulation, subsystem targeting, beam overload, lance weapons and directly increases 2ndary effect (not proc chance) of all weapon types. (9 points = 50% additional effect).

Tactical: Self explanatory except:

Attack Patterns: Buffs the offensive bonus of attack patterns.
Evasive Patterns: Buffs the defensive bonus of attack patterns.
Weapon Specialization vs Advanced Weapon specialization & tactics: The first buffs accuracy, the second buffs the weapon's secondary proc chance & adds a LITTLE damage boost.

As you can see, this new skill box setup adds a slew of new skill options which captains need to pick and choose. With this system, using the current skill points available for space, would not permit a player to be able to max dps and max tank but rather have to pick one of the two. Science, Ops and Engineering skills are better organized in terms of who does what and how they inter-relate. The addition of crew related skill boxes adds a whole new dimension to the game and gives larger crew ships the bonuses they lost in the F2P fubar patch. Science ships can return to do science and debuffing, cruisers can return to tanking and escorts can return to their speedy glass cannon OMFGOUCH dps role.

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they just have too much tank no scort should be able to sit and plow through everyone else with out the fear of exploding much like a bop they should explode when sneezed on unless otherwise supported by the rest of the team your engy healer and your sci debuffer

at this point tac is stepping on both roles with his size 12 boots he can both tank and no longer needs debuffs to kill a target. and thats where the problem is but of course cryptic isnt going to do a thing they like 2/3rds of there community to sit here useless and unwilling to pay for anything....
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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
This is the simple truth.
Tacs are functioning just they should be, as the damage dealers. Thier ability to tank is very dependent on timing and skill further buffed by the little additions to gameplay that have been added such as Rep passives and the like.

The only class that suffers skill pointwise is the Science class. Both Tacs and Engineers, in my experience, spend points on average in the same skills needed to be both offensively capable as well as defensively so.
I agree, I would love cruisers to be able to get a boost in damage capabilities just the same with science and for the love of Mr Rodenberry tactical skills should boost weapon damage not science skill damage. I'd love to use my wells but it has a hard enough time killing 4 probes on KASE (with the tric nerf) and it has more tactical slots than most science ships!!

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