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Seriously, outside of the old scramble sensors, when was the last time you launched a probe in STO?

Is that a 'never' I hear? Why yes, I think it is.

One of the thing's STO has been missing since Day 1 has been probes. It had an entire skill named after them, but there was only one power that actually fired anything you could call a probe, and it was a green ball of crap that has since been upgraded to an energy distortion of some sort (and thus, not a probe).

Probes are everywhere in the show, and used for all sorts of science related thngs- but in STO science skills are all basically space magic. Some of the abilities still say that they launch a probe to do them, but their animations are all either firing a beam from the deflector, or... well okay, so it's pretty much just firing crap from the deflector.

But what if we had probes? Well, we'd have looooooots more powers. Just think of what probes could do for you!

Scanning probes to extend sensor range and detect cloaked ships nearby. Maybe even let you fire from beyond normal max range.

Relay probes to extend the range of your other powers.

Power draining probes (so basically siphon drones)

Sensor Analysis probes to scan your target for weak points and apply a debuff to them

Holographic Decoy probes that duplicate your ship and fly in formation with you. When you activate it, it would randomly displace you into a 'formation slot' and spawn a number of duplicates up to the mark of the power (So 1 would get 1, 3 would get 3). Ships would look and move identical to your own, and wouldn't act like pets or NPCs. So enemies would have to 'guess' at which one you are.

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