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02-16-2013, 03:38 AM
Originally Posted by caio492 View Post
The keybind on this thread should make your build a little easier and faster.
It does I just don't use any keybinds! This has led to me missing a buff it's true, I just never seem to get around to making them.

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02-16-2013, 03:58 PM
I just picked up a mirror vo-quo (for 520k energy credits at that, much better than the 120,000 dil needed to buy the regular one) for my tactical klingon and I must say I will not be going back to the Neg'var any time soon.

As for weapons/consoles:
3 Dual heavy phased polaron cannons up front
3 Polaron turrets out back
device slot are just batteries of random types
3 RCS engineering (makes it turn much much faster)
1 dmg resist engineering (thinking of a shield booster instead tbh)
3 Random science consoles (I don't honestly know much about science consoles)
2 polaron rare dmg boost consoles (they were much cheaper than very rare, I am on a budget!)
2 Birds of prey (your choice, I am poor so I went with b'rel got both of them for 60k energy credits) side note: the birds ofprey spawn one at a time per hanger, so you have to wait for cool down to summon both just in case you didn't know like me.

As for officer skill lay out:
Tact officer has, 1.) Tactical team, 2.) cannon rapid fire 3.) attack pattern beta (i think beta is the name)
First engineering officer, 1.) engineering team 1, 2.) reverse shield polarity 1, 3.) acetyon beam 1
Second engineering officer has, 1.) emergency power to shields 1, 2.) emergency power to weapons 1
Science officer has 1.) Science team 1, 2.) techyons rift 1, 3.) charged particle burst 3 and another random skill I cant remember, and skills arn't in that order.

I found it can take quite a beating, and it deals really good consistent damage in STF's both normal and elite (not run as often as normal, I am a casual noobie what can I say), it runs gear/dilithium missions with ease, and can run fleet marks missions very well.

Obviously some of my officers skills don't really help out much and I am looking into changing them up a bit, but for now it gets the job done even in elite stfs. I am thinking of dropping charged particle burst for a gravity well to allow for some crowd control.

On a side note this build is currently doing well even with normal quality shields, engine and deflector (the ones the ship comes with). So I imagine it will become even greater once I get some borg or honor guard equips on it (nearing omega stage 1, but will wait for stage 2 to get honor guard equips).

Hope this helps you out as it is working great for me, i might even say it is out damaging my negh'var but it probably isn't but it look so cool with 4 BOP's launching torpedoes at your target as you rain cannon fire down upon it with avengence!

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02-17-2013, 10:32 AM
i have both vo'quv flavors and prefer the default, with the mirror look of course!

the extra sci slot allows me he1 and 2, sci team 1 (FU SUBNUC HIROGEN/CARDASSIANS), energy siphon/tykens rift/grav well. i'm finding that with plasmonic leech console, energy siphon and tykens rift, -power proc from polarized disruptor beams and sub system targeting when faw is on cd i can severely hamper a tac cube while keeping all of my power levels at between 75 and 90. i have epts, eng team 2 and dem on the engineer with tac team, torp spread and beam fire at will (changes to tac team, apb and canon scatter volley if i'm using all turrets). combines with polarized disruptor beams and the ferengi rocket launcher it's pretty good for general purpose. the rocket launcher will be swapped out when i have the borg rep 2 piece - 6 beams are too much of a power hog on a tac captain.

for ise and cse where the borg are very predictable i swap to turrets with two polarized disruptor dbb's in front.

over the course of several ise and cse i swapped between the kar'fi with advanced frigates, and my basic vo'quv. even though the kar'fi has another tac console and another weapon slot, the vo'quv always oud dps's it. why?

avg frigates parse - 1700 dps

avg adv b'rotlh bop parse - 3900 dps

and my vo'quv can survive two consecutive invisitorps (barely)
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02-18-2013, 01:25 AM
Hey all,

Thank you for the great insight into the setup, i absolutely love this carrier and i don't mind the slowness of it. I didn't even know that an Carrier Mirror Universe existed. Again, thank you as i love this vessel. It is one beautiful ship on the Klingon side.
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02-18-2013, 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post

Yes this won't be as efficient as a raptor but you'll have fun a lot of fun plus I'd like to see a raptor take down big targets as quick as four (now ai repaired) ABOPS

PS. If you need any of the tier 3 powers training give me a pm I can do pretty much all the juicy ones

Re you serious? i mean really....are you serious? you think a few npc bops can outdamage a raptor alpha? keep dreaming
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02-18-2013, 07:50 AM
Originally Posted by beefsupreme79 View Post
Re you serious? i mean really....are you serious? you think a few npc bops can outdamage a raptor alpha? keep dreaming
Whoo whoo whoo numb nuts

I didn't say anything about outdamaging anybody's alpha(due to the fact a ship 4 times the size of a bop can't cloak)

I said they can take 1.2 Million hull down faster in which they can due to 4x high yield quantum goin off every 20-30 seconds

Get your facts right before trolling idiot!
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03-15-2013, 10:03 PM
Hello. First time poster. I've only been playing a couple of months. (i'm lvl 50 KDF)

I abandoned my Fed SCI toon the second I unlocked Klingon. I played nothing but escorts from then on. (TAC cpt) I tried the B'rel bomber with very little success. I eventually decided I needed a better ship. I opened a lot of lock boxes trying to get a Temporal Science vessel or a Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort.

Instead I only got this stupid Mirror Vo'Quv. THREE OF THEM. Finally I was so bored I gave in and opened one. It is the AKS Lemonade. (When life gives you lemons... get it?)

I had no idea how to spec it out so I looked in a few places on the forums, and watched a few vids. I tried a few different things, but this is what I've come to love!

This is done on the cheap. needs a little modding to be better at PvP

Mirror Vo'Quv:
4x Disruptor Array [crth]x2 ; 1x dis turret ; 1x borg cutting beam. (I use the subsystem targeting)
borg engine XI
borg shield XI
Jem'Hedar deflector XII (soon to be borg XI)
2x neutronium ; 2x Emergency Force Fields. (or 1Em FF and the imp capacitance cell for pvp)
2x shield emitter amplifier ; assimilated console
2x induction coil
2x b'rel

TT1 ; BFW 2 ; BO3
EPtA1 ; EPtS2 ; APtSIF2
ET1 ; ET2 (ET2 is for me, ET1 is for healing others)
HE1 ; TB2 ; TBR2 ; GW2 (should replace GW for PvP, also can replace TB2 when I get my borg deflector (3 piece borg has TB))

Power levels are 50/75/25/50 base. 3 of my BOffs are Efficient. I have Efficient and Warp Core Specialist.
Power levels in game 76/121/46/88 (see DOffs for explination)

DOffs: (important to this build)
3x blue damage control engineers (30% change to reduce EPtX cooldown by 30% EACH)
2x Maintenance Engineer (one green one blue, total of +35 skill to shield regen and hull regen every time EMtX is used) I believe these are brand new abilities just released?

cooldown on EPtS/A is 32 seconds each, 15 seconds in between, plus they both supply buffs for 30 seconds each. So I have these constant alternating. (they are bound to FIRE, my space bar)

This provides me with 1300/face shield regen every 6 sec, and 217% hull regen per minute. base shields are 7,750/face. because of this I also have distribute shields macro'd to FIRE.

I do GREAT in STF Elites. Just started testing PvP. Damage abilities aren't that high, but I'm extremely tough to kill, and provide the ability for my team to stay in the fight and kill those big fed cruisers.

Thoughts and comments on my build are appreciated. Note I'm not changing things up too much because I'm saving up for a Recluse.

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