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# 1 Azera Xi: In Memoriam
02-18-2013, 04:43 PM
Over in this thread, which features Azera Xi's personal logs as a fledgeling Starfleet captain, marcusdkane suggested that his character Marcus, an intelligence admiral and Borg expert (among many other things!), might be a good way to explore her background in more detail, as he examines the escape pod she was found in as a child and figures out where she came from. The idea caught my imagination and, after two sleepless nights and more time spent looking up technical terms on Memory Alpha than I will ever freely admit, this story is the result. Thanks Marcus for the suggestion - and for letting me borrow your character!

Here's her original bio, which this story expands on...

Legends are told of the earliest days of the Delta Quadrant, though few archeologists have managed to sort out the facts from the myths. Some of those myths say that when the Borg Collective first emerged from the cybernetic network that birthed it, it began to assimilate the worlds its own people had colonized centuries before. It hunted down every last trace of the organic species it had once been, a grim reunification that left no one to warn the galaxy of what was to come.

Those are the stories.

What's known for certain is that 12 years ago an alien child was found in a stasis pod, following a course that traced back toward the Delta Quadrant. Its near-light impulse drive made it impossible to guess the pod's age and it contained no computer records at all; it seemed designed to use as little technology as possible. As for the child, the only name anyone could find for her was the one inscribed on the hull: Azera Xi.

She awoke shouting in a language the universal translator couldn't decipher at first, in a thrashing, telekinetic fury from a nightmare she refused to believe had ended. Azera grew up on Earth and joined Starfleet as a young ensign with little memory of her past but a cheerful idealism toward the future. She relapsed, however, the first time she saw a Borg cube, covering her ears and whispering fearfully about the "machine-priests," the "black cubes" and "apostate worlds" before crying out for her parents and collapsing.

Azera Xi doesn't remember what she said, and she's continued to prove herself a resourceful, if impulsive, officer, but the incident prompted Starfleet Command to quietly order a more thorough examination of her pod. Though the ship's hardly more advanced than a 22nd century Earth shuttle, there's no doubt about the power readings and metallurgical scans. Out of all the known spacefaring species in the galaxy, the closest match in the Federation archives is Borg technology.
Questions, comments, feedback welcome (especially now that every last typo's hopefully cleaned up)!

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