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As the title suggests, I would like to use the thread to gather the little, annoying bugs, UI problems etc, that are getting more and more numerous with each patch.

You are welcome to add to the list, but leave balancing requests like beam vs. cannon, or things out that would require a major expansion, i.E. Klingon content out.

I would rather create a list of the little, annoying things that seemed to have been forgotten over the course of the last few expansions, but are probably fixable even with limited developer attention.

- unable to post in fleet chat after switching characters
- not able to see who is online in fleet chat (the entire chat interface is so last century)
- Chimera sometimes getting stuck in tactical mode and unable to switch back without leaving map
- sporadic 2 minute timer on all abilities, captain and Boff in space STF
- NPC pathfinding is catastrophal in some of the old ground maps like the fire caves for example
- Omega launcher plasma bolt stuck and launcher unable to fire (the launcher seems to get unstuck after a few seconds, but it is still very annoying)
- crew loss percentage on kinetic hits is too high on ships with lots of crew, often after a few seconds all crew members are dead/ wounded which drops any hull repair rate to zero. (the entire mechanic should either be removed or reworked)
- invisible 'killer' torpedos from gates and sometimes tactical cubes.
- no 'investigate ancient ruins' science duty officer assignments in Tau Dewa
- extremely low rewards for the exploration daily (maybe remove the DL but give people 150 fleet marks instead as a daily reward)
- Tau Dewa red alert not working properly and often shown as completed/failed even when it just spawned in my instance.

That are just a few things, please feel free to add to the list.

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