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02-19-2013, 09:47 AM
there's nothing lame about this deal. it grants you the opportunity to get access to all existing and possible coming(!) fleetships.
so you will be able to have access to all fleetships, on all your fed-toons, whether if you're want to be in a fleet or not.
sry op, where is your point about it being expensive? it's 40 bucks and you only get access and not the ship itself, yeah.
but on the other hand one c-store ship is 25 bucks (their pricing for a single t5 ship too) and you won't ever get the opportunity to get access to fleetships when you don't want to be in a fleet (for those people this deal is just like gold).
also c-store ships are way more easier to obtain, so even while there are more costs for purchasing the fleetship itself after paying for the access, stays within the given sto pricing policies (i don't bother about the math, proove me being wrong 8))...
too expensive? then just wait and decline the grateful offer till you find another way to get t5 ships.
got in contact with another fleet a while ago which sold single provisions (t4) for 4-6m ec each. referring to that you'll get your share after buying the 8th-10th ship (beside the fact you also can get t5 ships now ^^).
myself already own 5 fleetships, so i would not be far from "making profit" out of such a deal...
(2 from aquarius. so yes, i'm a satisfied customer )

my suggestion: if your fleet is already t3 shipyard you may just should try out the fleet excelsior ...

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