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02-18-2013, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by arnthebard View Post

Most of these are with tthe ISC fleet and yes they do meet in Kerrat for 1-vs-1 sessions to test equipment. My toon "Grimsey" is one of thier favorite targets. So yes I do know what is like to face 19 klinks.
They've obviously arrived with an agenda that your presence has disrupted. The solution for this is to not show up. I'd slaughter you too. You receive no sympathy from me.
All cloaks should be canon.
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02-18-2013, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
I haven't actually gone that much through forums, so I might be wrong, but I suspect the KDF ones mostly whined about respawn farming.

When I think of that, I had the funniest encounter few weeks ago with respawn farming. I pulled in the Tactical Bortasqu' and there were four ships farming, but i had the lol moment as 2 were straight infront of me. Needles to say those 2 were instantly slapped on the Cube and not long after the other two were sent there to scrape them off. I think they expected a BoP and had "Oh ****!" moment.
Then one of them was quite persistent of buzzing around me and trying to blow me up 1 on 1 without the others (they were caught up fighting other KDF) with a Star Cruiser.

Anyway my point was that because the Fed. starts at level 1, and therefore has much more players, you can expect their number of unexperienced or ignorant players to be larger. And those who don't understand the game mechanics are the ones that usually whine.
Remember, every one of us was a noob in his/hers own time.
But this is nothing we should generalize around, I for one had my share of lolz with the Galaxy of all ships against confused & inexperienced KDF. Comes back to the person, not the whole faction. And even that person can learn and then it's payback time.

P.S. I believe the other player ment the 1000 day veteran ship (Chimaera/Peghgu') as it is for now only availible for veterans & lifetime subscribers.
Last time I was spawn camped the free Odyssey was the hot item. I completed five dailies by abandoning ship next their hoard of AFK buds. The last one finally figured out what was going on as he tardily attempted to move his ship. I didn't mind it all. I found it rather humorous the two Oddy captains were useful enough to assist me in capping my dilithium for the day.
All cloaks should be canon.
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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post

Kerrat is one of the best things in STO and I hope they leave it be.
^^ This a thousand times. Ker'rat is the best thing about STO... after all of the smack talking, spawn camping and QQing you can see a zone settle down with Feds & KDF chilling out above cracked planet, discussing builds etc.
I drink, I vote, and I PvP!
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02-18-2013, 08:59 AM
I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't listed on that list, but then again I haven't been playing my KDF characters for a while.

I remember back in the day when Ker'rat was FILLED with farmers (Back before F2P) and I went out of my way on my KDF toon and killed every single one of them at least once. And I'd usually try to do that at least once a day.

Lately though with the Reputation system, I've been mostly focused on one or two characters on the fed side so far. That doesn't mean I'm ignoring the KDF Side, it's just faster to get things done on the Fed side because there are so many Feds compared to KDF players. Especially later in the evening for me.

Each person also has probably partaken in the entertainment of a deployment suppression, but few actually go out of their way to try to drive the enemy force out of Ker'rat, and keep them out.

Soon enough though you will see Jillith, Web, Teapower, or Kilaw back in Ker'rat.. And when you do.. Be afraid....
You think that your beta test was bad?
Think about this:
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02-18-2013, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Love Ker'rat on both sides. As my fed cruiser, I get a sick perverse pleasure in watching BoPs banging away on my shields all day and not leaving a scratch (except that one time I got tric bombed by a b'rel... hit me with a THY3 and then a DPB3... sufficed to say, I am so glad my brace and Aux2SIF are on a hair-trigger). Granted, I usually die to the ganks eventually, but it's fun.

And as the KDF... well let me just say, my usual time in Ker'rat is about an hour or so, and I always pick up around 80 kills in that hour... and I still have as of yet to fill my first "die 25 times" mission. I love the decloaking ambushes you can pull off, and I love the raging that occurs in chat after... it's a credit to the wonders of PvP.
Thanks to Hereticknight now everyone can understand what happens in the life of a skilled Captain as him when playing Fed or evul Klingun at Ker'rat.
Our silly pacifist sitting ducks Cruisers armed only with useless beams can do nothing against a coordinated alpha assault, they hope to withstand a single attack of a lone Bop or a pair of not so smart Bops. And even this isn't true if the Bops are piloted by exceptionally good fighters...Minimax, Zirac, Lady, Yoda and a few others that we all know.
I imagine a report sent to Adm. Quinn...sir, we won...we resisted three times before being vaporized...very good Captain, mission accomplished...
But the real fun is killing 80 enemies in an good evul Klingun!
So, please, dear KDF bad guy...don't feel offended when a Fed repeatedly ganked begins complaining or getting angry...after all you at the same time are feeling a perverse pleasure and a sense of great power!
After a fierce battle against the evuls a Fed Captain needs some relax!
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Originally Posted by bloctoad View Post
They've obviously arrived with an agenda that your presence has disrupted. The solution for this is to not show up. I'd slaughter you too. You receive no sympathy from me.
You obviously don't understand, I get invited to participate in these battles. Going 1 on 1 with these guys over the cracked planet is rewarding. Anybody can salughter someone with numbers.... even the worst feds can. To face a single opponent in combat where everybody can watch your victory or failure adds to the intensity level of the performance. However, there is always someone who can't stand the rules and has to crash the party like Stardagger [who got banned]. When the individual battles are over melee ensues and then the numbers overtake the opponents. So for a moment in time Fed -VS- Klingon means something over the cracked planet honor and respect are given. That is what the combat area over the cracked planet in Kerrat should be a place of respect and a place to test your builds.
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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
Breen Cluster F**K torp
I like this name. It is a good name.

I like Ker'rat as well, I have a laugh whether I manage to take out a few players or getting my a$$ handed to me over and over. In a masochistic way I kinda like getting camped, it makes that single kill I managed as I get shot to hell all the more satisfying
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BoPs rule in ker'rat. I was there yesterday, And I seriously got a 29 KILL streak. No deaths. And we were out numbered Three to one.

Also, I was level 24. And I still am, I don't think that it should be for level 50s only.
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02-19-2013, 12:55 PM
I personally find it funny when I use that 'red fed' glitch to get my little fleet defiant on the side of the klinks, then with a couple other players we turn an entire spawn camp upside down on the feds.

As mentioned above, BoPs rule kerrat. I was once hanging around there in my D'kora, and out of nowhere a B'Rel flies by and drops a tricobalt on me. Instant kill. On the other end of the scale, I once happened to decloak and fire a BO3 as the BoP I was targeting started to cloak. Instant kill there.
I am the STO Lorax. I picked myself up and left, until the day the fun is replanted.
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Originally Posted by arnthebard View Post
Well let's be honest about a few things here.... as a Fed Sci ship captain of an Intrepid

1st- Klingons have superior ships with better turning radius and the battle cloak

2nd-Klingons can now push a button eliminating ALL space hazards.

3rd-Klingons have OP equipment like the plasmonic leech and the aceton assimilator ect...

4th- They nerfed scramble sensors so that the opponent can continue to fire on you instead of firing at his/her own faction.

5th-With the last patch Engineering Team 1 now clears Viral Matrix 3 so there is no way to placate a Klingon ship or thier massive spawns

The game has changed so much in the last year and there is no balance anymore so go ahead and yuk it up 19 klinks shooting a poor Fed.
Way I see it (as primarily a fed captain atm) is that fed outnumber Klingons better than 5:1, so pretty much any tactics they want to use are fine with me.

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