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So I know pretty much anything works for PVE. I'm asking specifically FOR PVP. I want to build a cruiser using beams that utilizes the Romulan Experimental Beam Array.

REMEMBER, this is concerning PVP play...

Here's the problems I've thought of:

1. The Experimental beam array doesn't drain weapon power, but other weapons DO DRAIN POWER if using other weapons. So my first thought would be use all Romulan arrays or plasma damage. BUT in PVP, a lot of people have shields that resist Plasma. So I know I would be less effective.

2. I thought about using disruptor weapon type along with the experimental array. Then I could use a plasma infused console and get the same procs. Sounds great, BUT, there's the weapon power drain problem from using a different damage type than the Experimental Array.

So a have a couple questions:

1. Does the -10 weapon power for using different weapons STACK? Or is it just 10 weapons power all across, and how easy is it to make up that power with Aux to Batt or a similar power ability?

2. If I use plasma type, I have to worry about other players using MACO, etc shields that resist plasma. Is there a way to mitigate this concern to make plasma viable?

3. Is Plasma Hyperflux valuable at all in PVP, or should I forget this idea altogether and just do without the Experimental array in PVP?

Thanks for your time!

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