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# 1 Voyager question...a silly one
02-19-2013, 08:14 PM
This question is rather silly, but I found myself wondering about it.

In the final episode of Voyager, Future Janeway tells "Present Janeway" that Voyager is a museum on the Presidio. But even with all of the time travel mumbo jumbo involved in that episode, is the USS Voyager really being used as a museum, with Janway's ready room as an attraction?

When they returned to Earth it was still a fully functional starship...probably with enhancements made by the crew...its not like it was totally useless or banged up so much it couldn't be kept in service. (and if it was, then it wouldn't be "Janeway's Ready Room" anymore, would it...because I find it hard to believe that she would stay in command after a hellish 7 year journey...unless she's a masochist)

I'm on the fence with this myself. I can see Starfleet wanting to preserve the ship for history's sake, (like the USS Constitution in Baltimore) and wanting to keep it in service.

Of course, maybe as a museum there are holovids about the curators talking about the ship being haunted by the ghosts of dead crewmembers. like the Constitution.

"I was making my rounds before closing the ship/museum up for the day....and when I walkied into the Engine Room there was the ghost of Lt. Carey! He said ' I only had a few more episodes and I'd woulda made it home'...and he disappeared!"

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