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I finally hit Omega T5 with all of my chars, it was heavy grinding, but it's over now. But now I have a new mega-grinding project in front of me: space sets. 1000 OM, 34k dil and 10 BNP each. Dil is not really a problem because there are lot of ways to earn it, so yeah it's grinding, but at least not so repetitive. BNP isn't much of a problem too, because it can be earned in 6 or 11 packs in eSTF loots. But the mark... even if I go only in reputation event, and hit the optional too (what is not really easy if I have to go with PUG's, no matter how pro I am or not), it's still a lot STF to go to (at least 9-10 per item which makes ~30/set).

So here's my suggestion: make a reputation project what can convert Neural processors to Omega marks. Like 1 processor to 20 OM, this way players couldn't get more dilithium by converting BNP to OM first, than dilithium, but it can be a good help for set, and reputation tier grinding players. Not game-breaker I think, just a little help.

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