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02-21-2013, 06:27 AM
As a person who has never owned a Sony console... I'm still not interested enough to buy the PS4. With the XBOX and PlayStation platforms moving to x86 processors, it pretty much makes them a PC with a custom UI but all on one PCB. Because of this, expect hackers and modders to make the PS4 and XBOX software bootable on a PC with ease.

Like others, mothion controls have no interest to me outside of the Wii and Wii U. I had hoped to see MMO's mentioned for the PS4 but Sony disappointed me there. DCUO runs well on the PS3 but it should actually look decent on the PS4. STO is something I think could easily be ported to a console and should be. This would definitely help expand the playerbase. Games is another issue. None of Sony's platforms have had enough games I have been interested in to make me purchase one of their consoles. The only game they showed a trailer for at the event that caught my attention was.... Drive Club. It may look all ice and everything but I kno there will be a Forza game that will rival it.

I will wait to see what Microsoft has to say in the coming months about the new XBOX. I can't see me buying either though due to the x86 base for the new consoles and Steam Box basically mean everything other than exclusives will be on all platforms.
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02-21-2013, 06:36 AM
this new PS4 is not alot better than my current gaming rig so why would i only 3 game son the last ps3 pushed the console to 75% max graphics power this console looks and sounds wrap;.

Long live the xbox
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02-21-2013, 06:42 AM
Unified memory was the thing that got my attention. That should fix the biggest problem with the PS3 - the screwball memory system delayed tons of games, killed PS3 versions of a handful, and was the main reason the PS3 was months behind on DLC for several games like Oblivion.

Now we wait for Xbox information and hope the guy trying to sell the stolen dev kit was just a scammer. If half the things he claimed were in the documentation (one time game activation, required always on connection for single player, etc etc) were true, the PS4 might be the default console next generation.
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02-21-2013, 06:58 AM
I for one am excited. My PS3 is the way I watch blu ray movies. The XBOX 360 is not. The PS3 is the way I surf the internet on my 55 inch tv, the XBOX 360 is not. So why would that change with the PS4? It can only get better. Oh and playing DCUO on my tv is cool, STO, I wish, I wish , I wish you could get on the next console. I will give you dilithium
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02-21-2013, 07:07 AM
Good, PS3's will be coming down in price and I may finally get one.

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