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02-21-2013, 11:27 AM
***RP Mode on!***

Um. I wear a skirt on the bridge from time to time..and not my typical Orion dance skirt either, but a nice warriors skirt. Done up in warriors colors, with warriors accutraments, and a compression pistol strapped to me hip..

And being somewhat vain I expect my crew to very carefully maintain dicipline by carefully breaking dicipline with appropriatly timed wolf wistles..or targ wistles, or what ever, sign of appreciation that aknowledges thier captains inspirational presence. And of course if they don't, I keep a couple of agony booths I salvaged out of a mirror universe battlecruiser. Marvelously handy for inspriring the crew, and the both operators have shown them selves to be marvelesly expert and inventive! Why I've seen them use a subjects own muscles to lock them into position while applying nerve induction to the skin.. I'm told it feel exactly like being burned alive!

Well, much as I love talking about inspiring my own crew *makes an Orion happy sound*, I did recieve my command training at the hands of Khemaraa Iron Hand, who was recovered from the Borg some 50 years back... what stories he has! He never fought Kirk, but I hear he did send the famous Captain Sulu running once. I understand now that he was from a slightly different universe then our own, yet I have seen some of the sensor records of his battles against the federation during what he called the "General war", and later his battles against the insidious Inter Stellar Conconrdium, and even later the Andromedans (also known as the Kelvans).

I say all this as an Inspiration. In his universe the Klingon Empire was also badly outnumbered in its campains across the Dynaverse, yet time and again they achived victory. Was thiers the superior stratagy.. yes, often it was. Were thier ships particularly better? No, not especially. Thier tactics? Over time, yt more important then all of that was thier will to achive victory inspite of odds of better then 3 to 1 against them.

The mighty ZTempest knows of what I speak, for he fought in those wars also. And there are other yet on these same forums that fought with, or at the side of the empire during the general war in that long ago universe. I find it inspiring that even in that universe the Del Solima family were members of the Korgath Cartel of the Orion Pirates (closely associated with the Klingon Empire).

The Klingon Empire, and the KDF has faced near overwheling odds time and time again. I n this universe, and others. They have achived victory after victory, or achived a defeat that even thier enemies recall with a shudder of very real fear.

All we as warriors have ever asked of the Empire is to give us the tools to serve the empire. We may compeate with each other. We may scramble to presiege and position of our house's, septs, clans, and other groups and unions of even convenience. But time and again we have always rallied to battle.

I am an Orion, and a woman of my specie, yet my family has served the Empire for nearly 200 years when they fled to the empire rather then try to accomadate the expanding United Federation of Planets as it absorbed the Orion homeworld, and my peoples oldest colonies. We have earned our place long before the Orion Cartel fled the federation a few years back. I will stand my families battle history and honors against any of the great houses of the empire and we will not be found wanting.

Now we are many peoples. The Empire is a home for WARRRIORS. Not herd animals, happy in thier homogenity, thier sameness. The Empire is a seathing mass of peoples, often facteous to the point of the knife, the garrot, the qUi'lAth (assassins knife) yet we love our freedom to choose our own path.

So we fight. The Federation can be a strong ally, and a worthy enemy, but thier political path is not ours. They do not understand the Empire, and how adversity has bred tremendous will and strength, and how that cannot, must not be surpressed for some illusion of the greater good. Thier own prime directive applies. Such a high sounding priniciple, yet how often have they broken it. We are more honest. If we bring war to a non spacefaring people, we only take to battle sufficient to do the job. They have a chance to win, and achive favorable terms for thier peoples and worlds. They show thier worthiness to be a part of the empire by showing us thier fighting spirit. The more they show, the greater thier standing. It is equitable, and fair. And those worlds which are
un warlike. That do not have the fire in thier souls find they are subjects of an empire that for the most part leaves them to thier own ways, and does indeed protect them from other starfaring races that would truely make them slaves or would practice genocide against them.

Go my fellow captains. Go my fellow WARRIORS! We must save the galaxy from both the threat of dangerous and billigerent honorless races of drones, and others that stoop to the most low and base of honorless forms of battle, to those who would strip from our cultures and spirits that which makes us what we are.

Battle, Glory, and great Honor awaits those that battle to hold at bay these forces in the galaxy. We battle against entropy its self. We battle to preserve the independence of all peoples, the right to choose thier own way, and if we must, and with heavy heart bring the conquerers hand to worlds as lightly as we can, so that thier people can at least be protected from far far worse.

Kuiama Del Solima
House Khemaraa
Release 8.5 "STO The Next Generation"

Let the happy old bug stomping commence, along with refinement toward enhancing each factions play experience!

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