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02-21-2013, 03:43 PM
Hi Valkarie,

Everything has its pros and cons, because it's all dependent on your playstyle. If you are regular PvE player, then use the opportunity experiment with the different gear. The reman space set (recommend MK XII) contains of one the most highest capacity covariant shields in the game next to shields you can get from say the Aegis or Honor Guard/Adapted Maco Sets as an example. Also the reman space set improves 3 major science powers that are very useful for crowd control and resisting those same effects. The set bonuses are nice for improving your plasma torpedoes so combining it with the Romulan weapon set is a smart idea.

Answering your question in regards to the cutting beam, if you combine that with the Borg tractor beam that you get from the Borg Space set bonuses, you can cause good amount of kinetic damage. You should try it.

Basically for PvE you are free to try anything you want in order to see what you like best. i do recommend using any of the space set gear (Omega/Maco/Honor Guard/Borg Assimilated) from the Omega Rep system if you plan on doing Elite STFs. Especially if you are fairly new to STFs, as all that gear has shields that resist plasma energy weapon damage from the Borg.

If you wish to PvP, like myself, I suggest posting on the PvP discussion thread for help with that, you will get good information on weapons and gear. If you wish for preparation for PvP I suggest joining the PvP Boot Camp.

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02-21-2013, 03:53 PM
Cheers for the help, do u know the shield capacity of the borg shield n regen rate? I think the bonus the set offers wud be a massive help to my escort and the shield regen, i think pve n pvp wud be made easier using that set lol prob wishful thinking, is the cutting beam worth just using without the tractor beam? Does the tractor beam take up the science console slot?

So the borg set gives huge hull regen n shield regen? Do i need just 2 out of the 3?

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