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02-21-2013, 06:44 PM
Originally Posted by superherofan View Post
+1 on another lost sale. And I really, really wanted to get them, too.
Alot of people will still use them anyway, even without the extra consoles. 5 fore, 2 aft firing slots is huge compared to 4 fore, 3 aft.

I'm really, really trying to sell myself on using the full console bonus so the deployed platforms use rapid fire, etc. After all, I dumped all that $$ into it, I better make myself use it.

I just see a majority of people at the moment just buying 1 version of the ship, preferably engineer as you can, atthe moment, launch the wing cannon platforms without the wingcannons attached and just running it as a regular escort with 2 gundam newtype funnel pets. lol.

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