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# 1 Which space set?
02-22-2013, 02:36 AM
I am tac and mostly I use Peghqu' destroyer for PvE. I am focused towards plasma build and I wonder which space set and what engineering, science and universal consoles will give me the optimal damage delivery. I already have plasma mkxii very rare consoles and I have level 5 reputation in both omega and romulan tree. I fly with low power setting for engine during battle and I don't rely much on science powers (the only sci power I use is polarize hull and hazard emitter).

Currently I use borg deflector (from previous season) as it gives the highest number for structural integrity among all sets (+26.2 Starship Structural Integrity) and two piece omega from previous season for dps. And of course borg universal console again from previous times. Obviously, things are change now due to introduction of new stuff.

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# 2
02-22-2013, 02:58 AM
I'm currently building up a Fleet K't'inga for a plasma build and I'll go this way:

Set stuff

Honor Guard Shield
Honor Guard Impulse Engine (2-piece Bonus Tactical Readiness Passive +25% Bonus to Torpedo Damage +7 Auxiliary Power Setting Slowly returns missing crew to disable status (works during combat) +7 crew recovery rate +70% resistance to crewman loss )
Adapted Honor Guard for the Structural Integrity, Emitters etc.

Zero Point Conduit
rear-mounted Romulan Experimental Beam Array
(2-piece bonus: Plasma Conductive Circuitry
+7.6% Plasma Damage
+15.2 Starship Electro-Plasma System)

Forward Armament:
3 Fleet advanced Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons with ACC modifier
1 Fleet advanced Photon Torpedo with ACC modifier
Rear Armament:
in addition to the Experimental Beam, 2 Fleet advanced Plasma Beam Arrays
1 Fleet advanced Photon Torpedo with ACC modifier

That was the best I could think of.
I don't want to slot Plasma torps, so I'll go with Photons instead.
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# 3
02-22-2013, 04:10 AM
Sorry, I should add that I'm also flying a Vet Destroyer as well as a Raptor on other chars.
And I think in terms of hullpoints, a Covariant shield should work on a Destroyer as well as it does on a Battlecruiser.

As for rear weapons, well it's a question of what particular style you prefer.
If you like turrets, my rear beam idea is certainly totally useless for you.

If you like the beam idea, it would still be a question of whether you'd want an aft torp launcher or not.

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# 4
02-22-2013, 04:37 AM
3 Beams at the back and 3 DHCs at the front doesn't work. There's no firing-arc overlap, so the most weapons you can have on the target at any time is 4.

Either run 6 beams with 2 torps and go for broadsides, or run DHCs and turrets with torps and try to keep the target round the front.

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