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# 1 Shoot at $target text
02-22-2013, 07:14 AM
Im looking for some funny text that get displayed when i taget someone and press t.

I use so far:

target1.txt : t team Shoot at $target $$ bind_load_file target2.txt
target2.txt : t team I don't like $target , kill him.$$ bind_load_file target3.txt
target3.txt : t team Lets kill $target , he looked at me funny. $$ bind_load_file target4.txt
target4.txt : T team Target: >> $target <<$$ bind_load_file target5.txt
target5.txt : T team Next victim ? $target ?$$ bind_load_file target6.txt
target6.txt : T team Kill, $target ... Kill !!! $$ bind_load_file target7.txt
target7.txt : T team Lets diss-out some pain to $target $$ bind_load_file target8.txt
target8.txt : T team $target need to go, focus fire on him. $$ bind_load_file target9.txt
target9.txt : T team Kill $target with kindness and PewPew. $$ bind_load_file target10.txt
target10.txt: T team Only a fool fights in a burning ship, lets burn $target 's ship. $$ bind_load_file target11.txt
target11.txt: T team Lets death becomes a familiar pattern to $target . $$ bind_load_file target1.txt
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