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02-22-2013, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by verbenamage View Post
You realize you just perfectly described the new romulus "adventure zone," right?
You realize that there is actual combat involved in some of those "zones" AND that you're not beholden to just run around on New Romulus/have to do any of that gameplay, AND that Starfleet and KDF want some benefits from New Romulus as an underlying objective, right? It's not the same as cleaning sludge off warp engines after some Fed flew his ship through a giant amoeba. Civilian-type jobs are not the primary jobs of Starfleet or KDF...

The idea has already been expanded in that way, in multiple posts. It would, ideally, be a catch all for all sorts of groups that don't fall under the umbrellas of starfleet, KDF, or one of the other major factions.

So, in addition to traders and the like:
Mirror Universe types
Rebels and Renegades (like the marquis)
Criminal Organizations (like the orion syndicate)

There's plenty of combat potential within an independent faction, and many if not most missions can easily be converted to work with such a faction.

The rewards would be the usual: Items and Currency. And you know what? It'd make a whole lot more sense. How often did we hear about how the federation in general grew out of the need for money, and the desire for material wealth? Yet we all run around scrambling to earn over a half dozen different currencies. At least with a merchant/pirate/mercenary faction that would be in-character.
Thanks - you backed up my point for making an independent/mercenary faction perfectly.


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