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I am a sci VA and the Ambassador class is my all time favorite ship. I saved my credits and finally got the Yamaguci class. I was hoping for some help with a build for a sci va.

What BO skills would you guys suggest? I would like to be support based but not a healer.
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02-21-2013, 11:25 PM
DPS support cruiser? What do you have equipment wise so far?
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02-22-2013, 12:39 AM
A suggested build:

Tact ensign: tactical Team 1.
Lt. tactical: Fire at Will 1 & 2.
Cmd. Engineer: Engineering team 1, Emergency Power to weapons 2, Emergency Power to Shields 3, Eject Warp plasma 3.
Lt.Cmd. Science: Polarize Hull 1, Hazard Emitter 2, Gravity well 1.

The universal is open to your own choosing some possibilities are:

Science: Transfer Shield Strength 1, Energy Siphon 1.
Tact: Torpedo Spread or High Yield 1 & 2.
Engineer: can be either dps related with Emergency Power to Aux 1, Aux to Batt 1
or more support/heal Emergency Power to Aux 1, Aux to Structural Integrity 1.

You could switch gravity well for energy siphon 2 and Eject warp plasma for either extend shields or reverse shield polarity.
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02-22-2013, 04:00 AM
Suggested build, slightly modified from my own build.

Lt. Tactical: TT 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1
Ensign Tactical: FAW1

Lt. Commander Science: HE1, TSS2, GW1

Commander Engineering: ET1, EPtS2, EWP1, AUX2SIF3

Lt. Universal (Engineer): EPtA1, EPtS2

2 or 3 Conn Officers to reduce TT cooldown.
1 Gravimetric Scientist with GW Aftershocks
1 Sensor Officer (for Sci Captains)
1+ Adak'Ukan for increased Threat Generation with APD

1 or 2 Threat-Scaling Science consoles from the embassy (Emitter Array and Graviton Generator being good choices) with [+Th] [Pla]

Deflector: M.A.C.O.
Engines: M.A.C.O. or Adapted M.A.C.O.
Shields: M.A.C.O.
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02-22-2013, 06:10 AM
I do mostly PVE. I have all Mark XI purple phasers with 1 quantum in the fore. I have the maco mark XI shield, with the jem hadar engine and deflector. I have the borg console as well. Its a bit of a mish mash right now. What equipment would you suggest I upgrade asap?
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02-22-2013, 03:39 PM
For pve:

Lt. Tactical: TT 1, Attack Pattern Delta 1 (Beta is also good for pve)
Ensign Tactical: FAW1

Lt. Commander Science: PH1, HE2, GW1

Commander Engineering: EPtW1, AUX2SIF1, EPtS3, ExS3

You can use the Un. Lt. as a sci : TSS1, you can use Energy Siphon or something else.

I will advise you to go all single beams, with Cutting beam aft. (broad side firepower)

Omega XII Deflector and Engines. MACO shields

Doffs (must)
1 purple and 1 blue Con for TT (16 sec) is ok
1 purple or 1 blue for GW aftershock
1 purple or 1 blue for a chance improve power level
1 sensor or for energy siphon or brace for impact

2 armor purple/blue XI (energy and kinetic resistance)
Borg module
Theta Radiation is good or the Romulan console
Field Generator to increase shield capacity. If you can have access to embassy 2 particle generators, 1 hull and 1 shield.
3 consoles of what weapon you are using

For pve purposes I would suggest Disruptor beams. Note all single for broad power.

power levels:
weapons 100
shield what remains
Engines: 25
AUX: 25

Do not worry for the low AUX. In your skill tree try to assign at least 6 points to all power related abilities. Shields and AUX ideally for a sci captain should be 9.
Also Red Matter device, Aux and Weapons batteries.
Fed Sci: Tethys U.S.S. Chronos Aionios, U.S.S. Denomon Gnosis {Fleet: HSF}
KDF Eng: Boreas I.K.S. Demonon Nemesis {Fleet: HoS}
Rom Sci: Crius I.R.W. Noctem Aeternus {Fleet: LoS}
Fed Tac: Kronos U.S.S. Xibalba, I.S.S. Theogonia{Fleet: HSF}

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