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02-22-2013, 07:53 PM
I posted this before and I will post it here aswell. Instead of complaining and crying over some words lets try doing something interesting.

Posed this in the Bug report link:

"lol this bastard child of DHC's is really a beam boat lol hahahahahahahahahaha I love it

Think about it, you can have free DHC's on this ship with its set bonus and then you can chose beam skills like Befaw, BO, or targeting and never miss a beat. My oh my oh my i actually think I will buy this thing now since I am major beam captain and this thing will be fun specially with my "Inertial Denial" Build.

How unorthodox, how interesting, how fun it will be, finally escorts have no choice atm but to be Beam boat DHC hybrids. I wonder if I will be credited with this discovery as I have done so many times in the past or if people will simple restate my own thoughts as theirs."

Can you imagine the quixhotic builds that could come from this? the three console set. 1-2 Dhc's in the front 1 torp 2 beams cutting beam in the back with another beam. Then you use the Ships sets and it puts all the cannon skills into cd but Cannons skills do not affect beam skills, correct? Correct. Then you can use befaw, spread, BO, or Target Shield or something. No nead to have Cannon skills when you get a set of them for free so technically you will have more tac slots for free right? While everyone else has LT Com and Lt tac slots you will be default have two LT comms and an LT slot. How op is that? and with a standard Patrol escort tank defense my god my god my god the pain we will rain down on our enemies. Think people think. You don;t let technicalities steal your game. You refine it to the rules they are forcing on you. While the world is playing checkers then we will play chess and you have to sacrifice a pawn to get a king. When you are given something bitter you do not cry over it, you rise above it and make lemonade. I will re-post this in another andorian build section and lets see what we can come up with. Maybe i will be heckled, maybe i will be lauded. Players will say Escorts shouldn't have beams. Why not? I have been running a patrol escort with beams since i started the game and i kill more players then I die to. You can try it or not i don't really care, changing the way the game is played, that sounds the most interesting to me. We'll just call it Ozifacation.

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