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Maybe this is too late...but here it is.

Very simple -- between now and May, every Cryptic Dev, programmer, or writer involved with Klingon content for the May update should be required to play a Klingon character, every day, in PvE and PvP. They can do it under assumed names...just play one, and see what the faction is like from the INSIDE. Maybe I am wrong on this, but it is my impression that few, if any Cryptic Devs have a Klingon character as their "main". Even Mr. Stahl, who at one time I think promoted himself as a champion for Klingon issues talked in a recent STOked interview that he is a Defiant captain, and how much the new Kumari (Andorian) is growing on him...suggesting that he spends a lot of his time on the Fed side of the game...

I challenge you to play the ships you have designed for us in situations you never tested them in. Look at the options we have been given, and the selections that the faction has available...play a Klingon SCI character and look at what is available at endgame for that class...and compare that to the Feds. Play the missions through...you won't have to worry about it being a time sink, there just is not that much there LOL.

Then contrast that with your breadth of experience with the Federation characters you have.

If the May update really is a major Klingon step forward...then play a Klingon, day in, day out, before you take that step...that would make the difference between taking a step off of a cliff into disaster...or a step forward on a solid path to progress.

But...like I said, it is likely too late...

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